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"The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking" -Albert Einstein-


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"To our dear Helena, How could we ever thank u enough for your calm support during my pregnancy and for your loving tender presence during our birth with you by my side, I felt strong and fearless. Not only do we appreciate the practical ways in which you helped, but your gentle and calming words and touches also.

You are a truly special soul, and you have found your calling in life – filling such a treasured role in the lives of many lucky families. I will be forever grateful to have had you as part of our journey. Thank you for absolutely everything you do and have done for us.

All our love, Mikayla, Michael & Nyra (December 2019)






"Dear Helena, We want to thank you for everything you did for us during Elijah's pregnancy and birth. We were so grateful for your calmess, guidance, love and support in what could have ended up in a hectic birth! Even though the birth was quick, we felt in control and supported throughout. Lots of love."

Lisa, Evam Dylan & Elijah (October 2019)



"Dear Helena, Although things didn't quite go as I wished, I still have such beautiful memories of my birth and that's largely due to all of the love and support you gave me during my pregnancy and throughout my labor and birth. Thank u thank u thank u with all our love"

Mel & Banjo xxoo (October 2019)




"Helena, thank u so much for your physical and mental support during our birth journey. Your support and presence has been invaluable to us in our birth experience. Without you, we wouldn't have had such a an incredible, powerful birth. It was everything we have hoped for and more. Brining our little Elizabeth Jane into the world with you by our side was the best moment of our life; one we will always cherish and remember. You are a beautiful soul and helped me find myself as a mother with everything you taught me in hypnobirthing. Birth is so empowering. We cannot thank you enough for all you have given us. Lots of love always, xoxo."

Suzanne & Sebastian & Elizabeth Jane (September 2019)

"Dear Helena, thank you for being a part of Elizabeth's birth and being there for us. You were an incredible support before, during and after the birth. Our journey wouldn't be as easy without you, your knowledge and support. We couldn't have asked for more loving, kind and chilled person. Thank you xx"

Vendula and Julian, Parents of two girls, mama of breech baby (September 2019)



"Dear Helena, Thank you so much for your help. Without you as my support person, I wouldn't have been so calm and relaxed. Thank you so much for all your support and your constant positive feedback. Please, keep your sunny and happy Face, You are an inspiration. We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. Let your light shine."

Lots of love Lisa & Adam (August 2019)


"Dear Helena, Thank you sooo very much for all your support, guidance, wisdom and love shown during our time with you. You played a big role in helping us to achieve a calm & peaceful birth with Noah and we hope to repeat this for baby Nr2."

Lots of love, Lauren, Jon & Noah xox



"We are once again just so grateful and happy. Our beautiful Ebi arrived so lovingly and amidst such calm. It's because of you Helena that we feel so supported and can focus not on every detail but on each other and our child. Thank you for everything x"

Jamie (March 2019)

"When we first met Helena, we knew immediately that we wanted to have her as our doula. She had this calming presence about her and we immediately felt a spiritual connection. Helena is very knowledgeable and helped us shape the birth we wanted. She was very informative and offered us an alternative view to the information we already had. We loved the hypnobirthing sessions with Helena as they were very relaxed and it was beautiful to meet other mums at the same stage of pregnancy as you. The hypnobirthing gave me some great strategies to use during pregnancy and the birth. My early labour was beautiful and Helena was such a great support pillar to both me and my Husband. The birth didn't quite progress as planned however, Helena remained positive and was there for us when we needed her most. We are so grateful to have had Helena at our birth and cherish the time we got to spend with her after the birth. Helena is such a beautiful soul and if you are looking for a doula, I can't recommend her more highly! She is someone that came into our lives for a reason and I know that our paths will cross again :-) Lots of love always."

Ashbey, Travis & Farley xxx (March 2019)

"Dearest Helena, Thank you for your loving care and support during growing of and birth of Celeste. Our time together was short and sweet but meant the world to me and was a great comfort mentally and physically. You enabled me to remain calm and peaceful throughout the journey and we now have a calm and peaceful Baby."

All my love, Marnie (mama of three)

"When I met you at the info session I could see how much you knew about birth but I could also see how passionate you were about what you do and about all of the families you support. You have such a calming presence and although I initially didn't plan on having a doula, I knew I wanted you after meeting you at the info session and before we'd even started the classes.

The hypnobirthing course made us so much more educated about the birth process and hospital policy. The breathing and relaxation techniques were so, so valuable during birth. I can't believe I was really that calm! Thank you for convincing my husband that we should have a homebirth and for helping me to achieve my dream birth. I am still amazed at what I did. I can't believe how calm I was through the birth and it is absolutely due to all that you taught us and having your support on the day.

Thank you, thank you! If every woman had you at their birth then the birth would be a much more positive place!"

Lucy – mama of two (February 2019)

"Helena was and is an incredible asset to any birthing journey and birthing team. she was supportive, flexible and focused 100 percent on supporting me to have the birth experience i truly wanted. She has so many tricks up her sleeve to help things along smoothly and i used a fair few of them;-). I recommend her wholeheartedly and if i did it again i would definitely be calling helena up again."

Dee – mama of Tora (February 2019)

"We first met Helena in 2014 as we approached our first child's birth. Our first session with her we ended up chatting for ages and all got along so well we instantly wanted her at our birth. Each hypnobirthing session we went to we learnt so much more, deepened our understanding of the importance of natural labour and birth and our belief in ourselves in achieving this. Our daughter's birth was exactly as we had planned, a water birth, where Dad lead the birth and felt he had a vital role to play (which he did so perfectly). We enjoyed the whole experience and knew we would birth with Helena again. We found out we we're pregnant again and told Helena almost instantly to make sure she was available.

Through a difficult pregnancy that ended up going to 42 weeks and needed an induction we found ourselves faced with an entirely different situation we felt quite fearful of. However having Helena with us (and our beautiful midwife too) helped us not let the fear take over. The birth of our son was fast and as a result less calm, however we were supported throughout in our aim to have a natural birth. Helena and our midwife worked so well together and advocated for us through the whole process. We are so grateful that Helena was with us reassuring us the whole way. We always tell people Helena is part of our family, she helped us bring our family into the world and taught us so much about ourselves as individuals and parents. "

Brody – mama of two dreambirth babies (February 2019)

"Dear Helena, we are forever grateful for the knowledge that you imparted to us. In the months prior to Sydney’s birth. I felt that you were a beacon of light; leading the way down a path that instinctively knew was the right path for us, and preparing us for whatever may be. The strong undercurrent of support that you bestowed instilled a sense of calmness and confidence in me. To know you were there meant so very much to me. It makes me tear up when I think of how special your angelic role is in birthing mothers’ lives. We would obviously recommend your offerings and if we were ever blessed with another child, we would hope that you would be available to be by our side again.

You have our deepest gratitude. Thank you for being an integral part of our team."

Helen & Warrick – parents of Sydney (May 2019)

"Dear Helena, we can’t thank you enough for the love and support you have provided us. You are truly an angel, sent to help women and their families during the most spiritual and rewarding times of their lives, helping to bring new life into this world and let go of lives that can’t stay here. Thank you for helping us bring Byron into this world peacefully. Our extended family is so very grateful of what you do. Thank u for sharing such a beautiful woman with us. Our hearts feel much warmer knowing that our little boy had Helena to welcome him in and farewell him. With lots of love..."

Megan & Gareth, Parents of angel baby Byron (born peacefully at 22 weeks – May 2019)

"One of our best life decisions was using Helena for our birth. I could never express to love and appreciation I have for Helena and will FOREVER recommend and sing her praise! The community and love Helena provided was beautiful. Like-minded people on the same path! I felt so lucky to have the best teacher in the room! I promise Helena will remove all fear and allow you to be your best version on the day. Never did I think this would be one of the calmest days of my life. I didn’t even scream!! For someone with anxiety this honestly couldn’t have been a cruiser process. Trust me when I say.. this is the only way to birth!!! I’m still high from knowing I really did have a Dream birth x"

Jess – mama of Piper (May 2019)

"My husband and I really wanted a different experience for the birth of our second baby. After our first hypnobirthing class, my husband asked me "why aren't we planning a home birth?" but I just couldn't see that happening for us. I had planned to go to FBC with the support of CMP and Helena and that was that. On my birthing day I even had the car packed ready to go except little did I know that my baby also wished to be birthed at home! With the support of my husband, Helena and the amazing CMP midwives I was able to achieve a beautiful home birth by the fire in the pool that Helena had passed on to me days before "just in case..."

What a beautiful entry to the world for my daughter, and a chance to rewrite my birthing experience. Helena's unwavering support throughout the whole pregnancy and birth was just amazing and the space that she creates for parents to bring their baby into the world is just so magical. I cannot express my gratitude enough..."

Adele – mama of two (April 2019)

"Helena, thank you for being there for the birth of our beautiful baby girl Tully. You gave me the power and strength to birth my ten pound baby when I thought I couldn’t go on. We think of you as an extension of our family. Mountain of love."

Milu & Adam, parents of two dreambirth baby girls (April 2019)



"Dear Helena, thank u so much for all the support you gave us. It’s been an amazing journey and having you by our side made a big difference <3. Lots of love."

Melissa & Phil – parents of Maya (march 2019)



"I never even thought about having a normal (natural) birth before I fell pregnant. We visited Helena because I had decided we needed some support on our journey. What came next were the most empowering months of my life. Under Helena's guidance, I was determined to give my baby a natural entry into the world. Helena helped and encouraged me to trust my body and my mothering instincts. I cannot thank her enough for supporting us in the delivery of our beautiful baby girl. I felt so prepared and capable when my labour came on, and was so incredibly happy for the special birth we were able to achieve with her by our side."

Kat & Matt (November 2018)

"I completed Helena's hypnobirthing course for second time parents. Her teaching completely filled me with confidence that my second birth would be easier and calm. She was confident that birthing is a natural, beautiful process. During the course we asked Helena to be our doula at our birth. My labour was so calm and gentle that I didn't realise I was in labour until the last minute. I arrived at the hospital and my baby was born 20 minute later. When we called Helena promptly left her Easter lunch and arrived at the hospital 6 minutes before the birth. I thank her for preparing me so well for the birth. Her support following the birth was lovely and valued. I would recommend Helena as a doula or hynobirthing instructor to any of my friends. Thank you!"

Jodie werakody (September 2018)

"Dear Helena, I can’t even begin to thank you enough for all of your help and support during the birth of Edie. I felt so safe and calm knowing you would be at my birth and I know having you there was absolutely the right decision – I truly don’t think I would have achieved the birth I did without your encouragement and advice.
You really are such a special person. The women are so lucky to have you as part of their birthing team. I really hope to see you again for baby Nr2 but as we may move back to East coast let me just say that if we never meet again I will NEVER forget you and u will always hold a special place in my heart. U made me feel so confident that I could achieve the birth I wanted and made Ch. Feel so at ease and I cannot thank u enough for that. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Lots of love"

Julia – midwife and mother of Edie (July 2018)  

"Dear Helena, Thank u so much for your support and encouragement through our pregnancy and birth. Your classes helped me a lot to set my mind and prepare myself for Laura’s arrival. Even though the labor wasn’t as smooth as we hoped, I believed I can do it no matter what. The power we women have is unbelievable.
I trusted my instincts and we made informed decision. We are happy and the outcome was so worthy. Laura is a beautiful healthy baby and we are proud parents. Thank you again. Much love"

Marie & Diogo – parents of Laura (July 2018)

"Beautiful Helena, thank u so much for helping me transform into a birthing GODDESS! We had our dream water birth to bring Elijah earthside + feel truly BLESSED. Lots of love and appreciation"

Amanda – mama of Elijah (May2018)








"You beautiful lady, You are such an important part of our family life and our journey. Going from being completely petrified of giving birth, to having Sage naturally and at home, couldn’t have happened without you. You taught me how to connect with, and trust in, my body. You taught me that fear holds you back from what you are truly capable of. You showed Rhys and I that we can do anything when we are united front and u gave us, what I believe to be, the best possible beginning of life for our daughter. We will all always be connected through the amazing experience you helped us have. We love u so much, you r such a gift to the world through your empowerment of women."

Anita – Dreambirth mama and new hypnobirthing practitioner (2018)

"Another unexpected surprise had me pondering whether to call my beautiful doula Helena again. We were expecting our 4th baby. It took me a few months to get my head around to the idea that life again would be turned a little upside down and a few things I was hoping to achieve for myself would again be put on the shelf.
I called Helena to tell her the 'good' news. She picked up the phone just laughing (in her kind way!) Immediately making me feel at ease. Along the grapevine she had heard already and pencilled me in just in case I needed her. Just speaking to her put my mind at ease and allowed me to start the mental process of seeing this as the blessing it was. I saw Helena a couple of times over the course of my pregnancy and each time I felt her beautiful energy wash over me and fill me up. I felt so safe knowing that again she would be there to ensure my birth needs would be protected and honoured. My partner also felt relieved knowing she would be there seeing already twice in action what a difference her presence made in my 2 births previously.
I was thrilled to find out in the 3rd trimester that all my results were good and I was cleared to birth at home. I went into labour naturally the day following my due date and despite a speedy labour Helena made it to my side in the wee hours of the morning. Capturing my birth and bringing her amazing presence allowed me to totally relax and be at ease. I delivered a healthy 4.2 kg baby boy in a fast, gentle waterbirth.
I could not be more thrilled with my LAST birth hahah! And feet so blessed with the healthy arrival of this precious baby. Thank you Helena."

Sam – mother of four (May 2018)

"Could not recommend helena highly enough! I had a very long labour and nearly gave up my birth plan of a natural water birth but she supported me and made sure I followed through and got what I wanted. Her support and encouragement for both me and my partner was what got me through and I’ll be forever grateful for the best birthing experience possible!!! We love Helena! Hiring her as our doula was the best decision we ever made!!! She has a calm presence and just an absolutely beautiful human xx."

Rachael – India’s mama (March 2018)

"Helena quite literally changed my life. Her approach to natural birth paired with her beautiful personality gave me the confidence to give hypnobirthing a go and enter into my birth without fear. I feel blessed that I found her and know that she is loved by so many other mamas - many of whom have written on this page. Thank you Helena for bringing my baby boy into this world. He was surrounded by calm - even when things got complicated and that's thanks to you anyone looking for a Doula ... look no further!!!! Love you Helena xx."

Jessie & Jamie – Lennon’s parents ( February 2018)

"I am so grateful to have found you, Helena, a beautiful strong warrior woman to help me through this journey and help me see my own woman warrior within xxxxx. Being my first pregnancy and wanting a water birth, I was unsure as to what to expect and how I was going to feel safe and Informed through my birthing. I knew my husband would be right by my side supporting me, but I felt I needed somebody who had experience in natural Births. Helena was recommended to me by a friend for hypnobirthing and doula services and as soon as I met her, I knew she was the woman I wanted in my corner - my own woman warrior to lead me to my beautiful boy! Each session was extremely helpful in making me feel informed, relaxed and prepared for the birth and anything that happened within it. The meditation sessions helped me feel connected to my baby and calm in knowing that my body was prepared as a woman to know what to do on its own.
Helena was my own personal woman warrior and earth angel through my whole pregnancy and birth. From her calming presence, to her quiet whispers of positive affirmations and strength, her strong but gentle hands rubbing my back, essential oils on my wrists, tens machine and her being there through every single step of the way - truly a magical woman. Helena’s calming presence and knowledge made me feel empowered, secure, calm and strong throughout each moment pre, during and now post pregnancy. I would 200% recommend Helena’s services of hypnobirthing and doula services - with her help I entrusted my body to know how to birth and my mind to know I could get through anything.
Thank you for bringing our boy Parker into the world and being an amazing support to myself and husband."

Candice (February 2018) 

"Dear Helena, when we started our hypnobirthing journey, we had no idea how profound and helpful the practise would be when it came to the actual birth. It enabled us and Willow to remain calm in what could have been a stressful and scary experience as it was a premature labor and birth. Your encouragement and support throughout the pregnancy and especially the birth was so incredibly helpful and I am so thankful to have you there with me. Guiding me and making me believe that I can do it. I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without you! We will forever cherish your calming presence and the most challenging time of our lives."

Love Asia, Karl and Willow (January 2018)

"I am so lucky to have found DreamBirth and Helena for the birth of our first baby. I was scared of child birth when I first walked through her door. With all her sessions and information I became more confident and excited to give birth. Helena is extremely knowledgeable, calming, positive, gentle, caring, and giving. She gave us all the information we needed to know and more. We ended up getting induced and having Pallas in the hospital. Even though it wasn't in our plan we created a perfect environment to welcome Pallas into the world. The continued support from Helena after we had Pallas was beautiful. Thank you so much Helena, we can't wait to experience another birth with you for number 2 in the future. You are amazing! Love"

Pam, Sean and Pallas (December 2017)

"Dear Helena, I wanted to thank u for all the help you afforded me in 2017 for the birth of B. Thank u for opening your heart to me and allowing me to pow out many pasts hurts that I was still sitting through. Thank u for doing the work you do, The world needs it xxx."

Holly ( December 2017)

"Helena thank you for all your support through my challenging twin pregnancy and postnatal period. I'm so disappointed I didn't get you during my birth as I had to have the emergency c section very quickly but you were there for me a few hours later. Your guidance and wisdom helped me so much and your kindness and support has been so lovely following the twins nicu stay and beyond. Thank u helena. I'm blessed to have u in me and my babies life and I hope we can remain friends xx."

Caroline – doula and mother of four ( November 2017)

"I wanted to say a public and very heartfelt thank you, Helena Hentz, for being such an amazing support for baby number 2 (well for both my babies). You and the dreambirth mummies close to me, gave me the support I needed to labour Monty with confidence.
Helena, there is no other woman I know who can make a woman feel so empowered about giving birth as you do. I know how invested you were into achieving my VBAC, I know how sad you were when we thought that wasn't going to happen and I know how overjoyed you were when you heard that it did!
You give your body and soul to every woman you take under your doula wings and I thank you for that. We need to be held, we need to be guided and we need to be lifted when we start giving up. On behalf of all the women in this group, Thank You for being our Birthing Angel. <3"

Liz – mother of two dreambirth babies (September 2017)

"Dear Helena, Thank u so much for for your calming presence throughout my pregnancy and during birthing of our gorgeous daughter. As a second time mum u kept reminding me that I knew what I was doing & it would be easy – but of course there is always the element of the unknown. Once my baby started to run really late, the panic started creeping in, but after talking with u, I was able to calm down and accept whatever will be - funnily enough that's all it really took to get the party started! During the birth u knew exactly what to say and when, and what would help me progress the labour smoothly without stress. Your beautiful nature instantly made u star in my daughter’s eyes too! Every birthing mum needs a doula like u! I seriously cant thank u enough! Love"





Rebecca – mama of two (October 2017)

"This (not so) little one (4,3kg) waited until week 41 to finally decide he was ready to be born. My Home birth and then Family Birth Centre plans gradually evaporated before my eyes... lowish platelets, advanced maternal age, post dates, large baby, evidence of Mecconium in waters... leaving me with no option but to birth in the hospital. However, despite the odds stacking against us we achieved most of our birthing goals and this little man arrived healthy, safe & sound. <3
It's been a roller coaster of emotions in the days since. Debriefs with my Doula, Midwives & husband have each revealed what an amazing support team I had on my side. I am immensely proud of how my husband advocated for me throughout the labour, he was repeatedly called to discuss 'next steps' with the Registrar & paediatricians and successfully negotiated a risk mgmt approach that addressed their concerns without need for intervention. I'm grateful to all my team for the faith & belief they showed in me. I'm indebted to my beautiful #Dreambirth #Doula who always picks me up when I am down, providing the exact support & reassurance I need, when I need it.
I'm thankful to the KEMH team who's nerves I probably frayed & who's limits were tested; but still they listened, negotiated & worked with my husband to find a way through the challenges!! And finally I'm grateful that my strength remained & our little boy wriggled & squeezed himself through (just in the nick of time!)."

Rebecca – mother of two dreambirth babies (September 2017)

"I met Helena after being recommended by a friend and my midwife. My husband and I were so happy that even though we only heard about her when I was already 34 weeks pregnant, she still managed to make the time to have one on one sessions with us and give me all the tips I needed for my daughter's labour and birth. She went out of her way to help me and tailor a session suitable for J. and myself. I was so moved by this because she was so willing to meet us and help us, regardless of the circumstances, and this really shows how passionate she is about what she does... and her main aim is to show women that they can do it, they r one with their body, to help empower them and this is exactly what she did for me. I have never felt this way about myself, my body or about birth. And I thank u from the bottom of my heart.
After leaving the session my husband and I both felt so much more confident and she was so inspiring and empowering. It gave my husband so much more understanding and he was able to support me amazingly on the day! I cannot thank her enough for what we gained through the meetings with her. Although our baby was born unexpectedly at 35 weeks, we were able to have a peaceful, fearless labour and welcomed a healthy baby girl.
I cannot thank you enough Helena and I cannot wait to hopefully see you again for any future births."

Clarissa & John – parents of three (September 2017)

"It wasn't the shortest, easiest or one that went to plan, but I still reflect on my birth with fondness and joy. Despite the challenging 55 hour labour and emergency C-section, you kept me calm and feeling totally safe through it all. Thank you Helena for helping me have the birth I didn't necessarily planned for, but one that is uniquely mine to cherish forever. Because of you, I quickly learnt to see the beauty in every birth."

Marilyn (September 2017)




"Dear Helena, My treasured doula, friend and mentor! We have so much to thank you for – we were so thrilled you could be with us again for our second child's birth. U cared for me during labor with such grace and love. My birth was SO enjoyable!!!! You are a very special person to our family ❤. Lots of love, hugs and baby kisses."

Jane, Paul, Isla and Leon – mama of two and hypnobirthing practitioner (August 2017)


"Dearest Helena, A million thanks for all your love, support, kindness and encouragement. U believed in me and helped me to believe in myself. The birth of Carter was incredibly healing for me. I wish I had met you earlier and have had you at my births of my older children. I thank my lucky stars that you were by my side for Carters birth! You are one of the most generous, kind and loving people I have been blessed to meet. Love and gratitude."

Toni – mum of three (VBA2C) June 2017¨


"If you're reading this on the Dream Birth site then congratulations on your exciting baby news. Our journey to parenthood is not too dissimilar from that of many other parents and we count ourselves extremely fortunate to be gifted a wonderful little boy and to have had the opportunity to experience birth naturally. Every day our amazing beautiful little boy continues to enrich our lives and give meaning to it.
After a number of failed IVF attempts, we took a short break to consider our few remaining and not so great options. Little did we know fate had other plans for us and despite all the dire medical predictions Stephanie fell pregnant. We did the normal thing that people do and found ourselves an OB (most were booked out so well in advance that we had no hope of even getting on their cancellation list). During one of our visits with the GP we were encouraged to explore, dare I say it, alternative options which our OB was extremely hesitant to encourage. It's funny that in today's terminology alternative actually refers to a natural low-intervention labour and birth. Our GP had employed a doula, who was Helena, during the birth of their child and that conversation led us to think about exploring that path.
Reluctantly, with some hesitation and a healthy dose of scepticism I first contacted Helena and spoke to her on the phone. Helena was not pushy, she did not spend the conversation telling me how good she was but she took the time to listen. She did tell me to look at our options... Hmmm... we have options? Really?! I almost fell off my chair. You mean to tell me there are more options available to us other than a highly managed process proposed and offered by our OB?
And with that our journey with Dream Birth and Helena began much to the dissatisfaction of our well paid OB. We decided that we were going to take back the authority over our birth journey and make informed decisions. We were not going to be unwilling participants in the Business of Being Born (watch the film of that title if you haven't already).
At first I did not know what to make of it this doula alternative - it appeared to go against the values of science, where numbers, charts, trends, tests, analysis reign supreme. Helena was promoting natural, normal, processes; were events are guided by thousands of years of evolution, by thousands of years of natural labour without unnecessary medical intervention and one that allowed and trusted the body to dictate the process of giving birth. Trusting your own body and intuition is key. So what has changed over the past 50 years when birthing became a business dominated by hospitals and by intervention? To us this, alternative, approach made sense - most of all we liked to have all our options open - we were not against medical intervention given that our unborn child was perhaps our only chance to become parents - we were against having intervention (surgery) as our first and only option. We wanted to start at the first rung of the birthing ladder and depending on how the pregnancy took shape we would evaluate our situation and decide the path, i.e. what form of intervention, to take if any, as the process unfolded naturally. We wanted to understand and evaluate - we did not want to be told what path we must tread.
Helena was with us throughout the journey, from the first few months of pregnancy to the labour room and birth of our little Ethan. It was great to have Helena as part of our birthing family. Her input, contribution and encouragement was fantastic. Naturally, sometimes when we doubted the process Helena continued to guide and encourage us to believe and listen to the body. In the end it was so well worth it. The support Helena offered both Stephanie and I was awesome, particularly her bonding with Stephanie during the labour was a tremendous plus and was needed particularly during the period when labour took a turn and was difficult. We, as individuals and as a family, are better for the experiences and choices we shared with Helena through Dream Birth."

Brian & Stephanie – Ethan's parents (July 2017)

"I could not recommend Helena enough. She is a calming presence with a beautiful energy. We knew instantly on meeting her that she was the doula for us, feeling such a great connection with her. We sought out her services while pregnant with our second child after a traumatic labour with our first. Helena took the time to understand our previous experienc...e and how this fed into our fears for our upcoming labour. She provided an enormous amount of emotional support while I was pregnant and helped me to feel confident that my birth choices would be supported, allowing for a much more positive experience. My husband was initially sceptical about the role of a doula is now a huge advocate after our experience with Helena. Helena was able to guide him during the labour and also provide hands on support to me, relieving him of the pressure most partners face when they want to help, but are unsure of the best way to do so. He now thinks everyone should have a doula!
Hiring a doula is a significant investment but when you consider the hours of support Helena provides - along with her ongoing training and research she does in her own time - it is one of the best investments you could possibly make in helping to have a really positive birth experience. Our midwives were amazing but they were kept very busy doing medical observations and notes. Helena was able to totally focus on what my husband and I needed, holding our hands the whole way through the pregnancy, labour and even post natal period with huge amounts of love and compassion.
The photos and video that Helena captured of our birth are so precious and capture the raw love and emotion of our experience. I look forward to sharing them with our little girl one day. From the bottom of our hearts Helena, you are a very special person and we are so grateful you were with us for our dream birth."

Pia – mum of two (August 2017)

"Dear Helena, thank you so much for journeying the final stages of pregnancy and the birth of our precious Gabriella. We were so glad that you were able to work with us on such a short notice, it was meant to be. The birth preparation was so helpful for both Jonny & myself. We felt more relaxed during the birth because of it. Having you with us on the day was also such a blessing. You provided a beautiful calm & holding environment, in such an amazing way. I felt so lucky to have the best support team between Jonny & you & Wendy – our midwife. All the skills we had learned & practised before, helped so much during labor.
You provide a beautiful service before, during and after birth, and create a great sense of community with baby massage classes, mother groups etc.
Your kindness, love, peace & gratefulness make you a wonderful doula. Thank you so much, with love"

Lisa & Jonny - Gabriella´s parents (June 2017)

"Dearest Helena. You are an angel! We will never forget your help in bringing our Toki into the world. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! Lots of love"

Jamie & David - Toki´s parents (June 2017)

"Dearest Helena, a million thank yous for the support and guidance you provided us throughout our pregnancy and birth of Oliver. We truly experienced our ‘’ Dreambirth’’ thanks to the many skills you taught. Through your skilful coaching, and continued support, Peter and I felt so safe and prepared for our planned home water birth. We were prepared for multiple scenarios thanks to your guidance, and we were able to make informed choices with our midwives. I can't imagine birthing without the added support of a doula!
We are blessed with your doula services and by the friendship and love you share. You are one of the most beautiful and caring people I have ever met. We will be forever grateful for you! All our love xxx"

Ashleigh & Peter – Oliver’s parents (May 2017)

"Dear Helena, thank you so much for all your support, knowledge and friendship, for believing in ourselfs which we know enabled us to achieve the empowering and transformative birth beyond our expectations.
All our love today and always xox"

Rachel & Andrew – Gwen’s parents (May 2017)


"We finally welcomed two beautiful babies - India weighing 2.3 kg and Cairo weighing 1.9 kg. Couldn't have gotten through yesterday (and my fear of surgery) without my amazing support team Helena and of course my husband. Still on a high after meeting my babies ♡. Helena, we cannot thank u enough for your support during our pregnancy and especially having your warmth and kindness to pick me up when things didn’t go quite to plan. We are happy to be your first twin mummy and daddy <3
Lots of love and hugs"

Chanelle & Dan and twins India & Cairo (May2017)







"Dearest Helena, thank you for all your care and support, we would not have had survived the 55 hour labor and still had a calm experience with you. You did EVERYTHING possible so that I would have the birth we wished for and prepared for and for that we will be eternally grateful. What you do and continue to do for all your dreambirth mummies is beyond anyone could ever wish for and so very precious. We will be forever indebted to you. Love."

Marilyn & Chris – parents of Caius (March 2017)



"I can’t thank enough a wonderful woman that became my doula and my birth angel - Helena Hentz you are not just incredibly beautiful on the outside, your soul and dedication to every single woman that cross your path make you shine like an angel. Thanks to you I experienced labour at its best, you made me feel empowered of my own body and my birth decisions and you guided me through the most intense moments of labour so I didn’t get lost in transition! You will be part of our family history forever!! We love you Helena.
Keep shinning xox Love you loads."

Keyla – a beautiful VBAC mummy (February 2017)

"From the moment I first met you Helena, I knew you were destined to do wonderful work with whatever you decided to turn your mind to. We are all privileged to have walked a small way in our journey with you. 200 very fortunate Mothers, and their babies you guided, came into the world with your love and understanding. Blessing to you and may you continue to bring joy into the world. Xxx "

Marilyn Bonn – my hypnobirthing teacher (February 2017)

"A huge thank you to Helena, one of the most selfless and caring people I have ever met, for all your endless support, for helping me believe in myself and helping me achieve the VBAC I so desperately wanted. You were a part of the best day of my life, together with the beautiful team of women that you put together to support me in this incredible journey. I will always be thankful and I will never forget you and what you have done for me! Xxx"

Bianca – a beautiful Vbac mama (February 2017)

"Helena is the most beautiful human being and such a wonderful doula. She was born to do this job and she absolutely loves and lives it. Helena was with us during the journey of our daughter and son and she was such a crucial part of their births, she felt like a part of our family and we loved her presence with us. She worked so well with my husband and daughter and they made such a great supportive team for me. She is such a beautiful soul and person inside and out and we will forever cherish the beautiful memories she has shared with us. Thank you beautiful lady :-)"

Veronika & Tony (January 2017)

See Noah's Home Waterbirth

"You are such a beautiful woman inside and out. So happy we got to have you as our doula. Thank you for all your advice and support. I honestly wouldn't have made it as far I did without you. I can see you have made a lot of women happy!
xoxoxox Lots of love"

Kane and Janelle (January 2017)



"You r such an amazing inspiration to so many mummas. So blessed to have had you as part of our birthing journey for both of our children, including your 199th :-) with our squishie son. You make a woman & a mummy feel beautiful & empowered & for that I thank you xxx"

Lise – Vbac mama of two Dreambirth babies (January 2017)


"I knew I wanted a doula for emotional support throughout my pregnancy and birth. Frankie being our first baby, I was comforted by the fact that Helena had seen so many births. Adam and I chose Dreambirth after reading all the wonderful testimonials on her website and after meeting her, I knew instantly we had made the right choice. Frankie's birth day was exciting, empowering and transformative, largely due to my beautiful doula, Helena. She knew exactly what I needed whilst in labour, and wasn't afraid to make me laugh! She was a huge support for my husband, who took an active role throughout the birth. Thank you for giving me my dream birth Helena!"

Milu & Adam (December 2016)

See Frankie’s Dreambirth

"Helena was the most amazing and perfect support. Supported me in having the natural water birth I wanted. So professional and knowledgeable, so experienced. Thank you for Your touch, warmth, love and care. So much gratitude and love to you."

Avital – Rai’s mama (December 2016)


"I found the dream birth website while looking for placenta encapsulation options in Perth. At the time I also wanted to do hypnobirthing and found that dreambirth offered both placenta encapsulation and hypnobirthing so decided to choose dreambirth. After meeting Helena at the hypnobirthing classes my husband and I felt that we wanted her at the birth too. I cannot speak more highly of Helena. Helena has a beautiful calming and positive energy that was amazing to be around before during and after the birth. She supported us every step of the way and I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us."

Emily & Neil (December 2016)


Pregnancy nerves and nausea, Helena I have something to share
5 weeks old a little heart begins to beat... and you were there.

I need you there to hold my hand. Clear space in October my friend!
And with no hesitation at all from u "it's done" u said.

You formed a circle of mamas and friends especially for me.
My belly blessed and painted, we dreamed of what was meant to be.

You photographed me on the beach for our third time together.
Precious memories now I have to keep with me forever.

We prepared a sacred space especially for the birth.
I lit candles and drew pictures for Joshua's first moments on earth.

Almost two weeks overdue: Helena is he coming soon!?!
You calmed and reassured me: honey yes, tonite is the full moon!

At 3am I woke with surges.... it's time to call my friend.
You were there from the beginning and stayed with me till the end.

An easy labor full of nurture and love ending with pure ecstatic joy.
You kept us calm, and captured the moment when we met our little boy.

Helena, my friend. You r my birthing angel, it is true.
And u will never know just how much I appreciate all the things you do.

Joshua is finally here! He completes our family,
And I know I had my amazing dreambirth because u believed in me <3
Thank u.

Diana – hypnobirthing practitioner and mum of three Dreambirth babies - (October 2016)

"I think back to my birth and smile from the inside out it was literally one of the best experiences of my life and I couldn't of done it without you. So sacred. You really are an angel ❤❤ Makoa and I love you dearly.
Most women don´t even have a video/slideshow of their birth let alone share their birth video, but we all know I’m not normal and I’m so passionate about women having an empowering birth. I certainly didn’t have an orgasmic birth like I had seen videos of but my years of tantric practice of breath, sound and movement certainly made my birth A LOT easier, along with hypnobirthing. I can’t thank my yoga teacher enough for the preparation she gave me, to my doula for being the most magnificent birth angel I could have asked for, I couldn’t have done it without you. To my mum for being such a big support and last but not least to my beloved, I am so lucky to have you. Makoa couldn’t of asked for a better Daddy. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. Thank you Helena, It´s incredible."

Ashleigh – mum of Makoa (September 2016)

See Makoa´s Dreambirth

"Two boys who met you as they came earth side. Both marathon births which we couldn't have done without you. You are superwoman!!
We had a long birth filled with many beautiful moments. I went into labour with dwindling energy and a high fever after fighting illness for 2weeks. I can't put into words how grateful I am for the support team that just wouldn't let us fall. My beautiful husband and rock, stood strong and proud by my side. Our Dreambirth doula Helena who gave endless energy, protection and her calming presence among the chaos. Also the Joondalup hospital staff, female doctor and midwife team who simply wouldn't let us give up. These four pillars gave their strength when I had nothing left to give.
So much love! X"

Faerie Cara – mum of two (July 2016)

"I am the happiest woman today :) our beloved, adorable, so much expected baby boy Petr appeared in this world 2 years ago. I could never think that I can love so much, he is everything to me, he is my part, my miracle, my angel. Could not ask God for more! His birth was wonderful and pain free thanks to my husband and Helena Hentz. Thank you <3"

Tatiana – mummy of two Dreambirth babies (June 2016)

"When you think of labour especially for a first child the instant reaction of most people is 'Oh we have to push a baby out, that is going to seriously hurt' or the advice like 'go straight for the drugs', 'you will never be the same again physically' or have a 'csection it will be a enjoyable'. After meeting Helena for the first Hypnobirthing class we knew that we were going to have a calm, beautiful experience and we were in control. Helena provides in a calm logical manner that birthing doesn't have to be traumatic, you don't need to go straight for the drugs and your body knows exactly what it needs to do to have your baby. Helena is an amazing doula and friend and is someone we were very fortunate to have enter our life. Her calming presence and nature provided so much support during the 40 hour birth of my daughter and without her my husband and i would have had a different experience then we were hoping for. Helena helped us have a truly beautiful experience for the birth of our daughter that we will never forget. I highly recommend Helena to all that want a calm and beautiful birthing experience, and have no hesitation in having her at the birth of all of my children."

Emma – Alexis’ mum (October 2016)

"Helena, thank you for all your gracious love, time and support. You empowered me to take control of my birth experience and with you and Chris by my side, I had a truly incredible, gentle birth. One that I can say Im proud to have achieved with your support. All our love."

Jenna & Chris & Grace (September 2016)



"Before I was introduced to Helena I was very nervous about giving birth and being pregnant in general. My friend recommended that I see Helena and do a hypnobirthing course with her. My husband (who was reluctant at first) and I attended 5 group sessions which went for about 2.5 hours. I found the sessions to be relaxed and positive but also informative which enhanced my confidence about giving birth. My husband felt the same. This was in stark contrast to the cold and negative experience we had during our private hospital's antenatal class. It was after this session that we asked Helena to be our doula as I wanted to try for a natural birth but wanted the comforts of a private hospital.

Leading up to the birth I was quite relaxed. We practiced hypnobirthing daily and listened to the hypnobirthing downloads almost every night. Three days before giving birth (Friday night) I felt a change in my body and in hindsight this was probably pre labour. I carried on as usual, listening to my hypnobirthing and getting a lot of rest. On Saturday night I started getting more intense and regular surges, contacted Helena to let her know, and went to bed listening to the hypnobirthing downloads. In the morning the surges had significantly decreased. On Sunday night I again started getting really strong and regular surges similar to the night before. My husband let Helena know and I continued as I had the night before. However over the course of a couple of hours the surges really started to escalate. We were told by everyone, including the hospital to stay home as long as possible and minimise pain relief measures until I really needed them. When it got to the point that I needed to do something I went and had a shower. My husband contacted Helena who came and realised that I was significantly far along in my labour. Calmly she took control of the situation and tried to assist me to get dressed and go to the hospital. When it became obvious that I was a lot further along than initially realised, Helena prepared myself and my husband for a home birth. They rang the paramedics who came but appeared to be more nervous about the situation than me! I asked that they not be in the bedroom during the birth as I was finding their presence to be distracting. During the final stages of birth Helena guided myself and my husband through the process and after three pushes my son was born. Helena ensured that my request of delayed cord clamping and skin on skin was followed through. This occurred as the paramedics checked us over. I was then transferred by ambulance with my son to our hospital of choice. Helena met us at the hospital. It was there that I noticed that she was getting precious footage of my son's first moments as she was very discrete during the actual labour (probably for safety reasons!). As I was in a pretty euphoric state I was not really paying attention and was about to be injected with a substance which would have assisted in the expulsion of the placenta. Helena asked if I wanted to see if the placenta was sitting there and could easily be removed which it was and did not require the injection. Helena was also very supportive when I was getting stitches. Reminding me to breathe using the methods that she had taught me. It was after this that Helena left me in the care of the hospital that were also amazing in their aftercare.

Overall I had a better birthing experience than I could have ever hoped for. It was fantastic that I didn't realise I was in labour and that the process was so quick. I was able to have my son in the comfort of my own home, both of us healthy and happy, despite the fact that it was unplanned. What amazes me the most is that I wasn't scared when I realised that I was going to be having my son at home and not in a hospital.

Two days after the birth I received my placenta capsules which may have positively impacted on my extremely ample milk supply. Helena also dropped in for a visit to see how we were all going.

I have already recommended Helena and hypnobirthing to other mothers who did not have such a positive birth experience and those that are currently pregnant."

Kathryn – mum of Noah (August 2016)

"Dear Helena, it has been almost 4 months since we welcomed our beautiful son Jude into the world! I have reflected upon the day so many ties since and still cant quite believe what a joyous, calm and intimate experience it was. I have had people tell me how lucky I am to have had such a positive birth experience, but I cant believe that it is all luck - so much credit, must be given to you. For teaching me so much, for encouraging me to trust my body and my baby, for giving me an unwavering confidence in my ability to give birth, and for the calmness and strength you provided that evening, that helped me in a way I cant put into words. Im so incredible grateful for both my birth experiences, and for the part you played in them. Im proud to have two beautiful Dreambirth babies and I look forward to one day welcoming a third (with you by my side of course). With love from all of us..."

Lori, Michael, Penny and Jude (May 2016)

"Helena is a beautiful soul who I am so privileged to have met and walked through my third pregnancy and birth with. I finally got the empowering natural birth that I had always wanted with her guidance and support. Her knowledge of hypnobirthing and the birth industry is amazing I have learnt so much from having her as my doula. Helena truely loves her work and is so passionate, there's no doubt that being a birth worker is her calling in life. I would recommend to anyone considering hiring a doula to go for it and to contact Helena."

Juliana - mum of three (May 2016)



"Dear Helena, words cant express how grateful we are that you were with us throughout our pregnancy and birth. I truly believe that you held such a sacred space for me to gain strength and release fear that led to us having the most perfect birthing experience we will never forget. What you do is so special and we are so grateful that you were able to be a part of our journey. We love you so much <3."

Anita, Rhys and Sage (May 2016)

Spirited space

"Dear Helena, I´m so very glad and thankful we had u with us in the journey that was Stella’s DREAMBIRTH. Your love & care, and your calming nature helped bring us another beautiful baby girl into the world & our family. We couldn’t be more grateful. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE <3."

Sam & Andre & Lila, Eva & Stella – Dreambirth VBAC mummy (April 2016)

"Thank u so much for everything! Without you, we wouldnt of been able to achieve the birth we wanted. You are amazing at what you do! Lots of love."

Karen - Molly's mum (April 2016)




"Hello gorgeous lady, been thinking of you lots through the haze of new born love & sleep deprivation! Ha ha! No words can express how grateful I feel for you & your amazingness! Thank you so much for teaching me hypnobirthing & being there just in the nick of time �. You were wonderful & I feel so happy & proud of what I have been able to do! Such a big healing experience after My first birth! I love you heeeaps! ❤�."

Lisa - mum of two (April 2016)





"Dear Helena, Wow, what a journey! You entered our lives as someone who was going to help ease the pain of labour and you ended being a birthing partner who played a huge part in bringing our little girl into this world. You were the fuel to our fire that kept burning over those two long days. You are a beautiful woman that embraces the overwhelming journey of labour & without you our journey would have been a lot more testing. Thank u for everything."

Jonas, Liz & Annalise (March 2015)

"Helena empowered me every time the 'choices' were given to me by the hospital. She empowered me to believe in my body, to believe in the process my body had to do to birth my baby. Not anyone else. Not what the birthing systems statistics dictated that I do. She allowed me the voice to say 'no' to stretch and sweeps, induction, scheduling a caesarean. She gave me strength when the system told me I shouldn't expect to have a normal birth after a c-section.
And she was right. Helena gave me permission to be powerful. Something that many women don't allow themselves. My second birth was everything that a birth is. Beautiful, primal, private, intimate, soul enriching. Though you think you did nothing during the birth but be there, you gave me so much strength with your belief in me.
Thank you doesn't seem to express my gratitude to you!"

Sarita – Dreambirth VBAC mummy (February 2016)

"Helena is a wonderful person and I highly recommend her to anyone needing any of her services. She radiates love and joy all around her and makes you feel like the most important person in the world when you are in her company. She is very professional and full of knowledge, but has such a kind, soft nature that I always felt like I was a friend rather than a client. We've decided to only have 2 children, but the thought of working with Helena again might just sway me again in a year or so! (Those twins will surely come 3rd time Helena!!)"

Anna – mum of two Dreambirth babies (February 2016)

"Hypnobirthing is such a simple and common sense practice its a shame it has to be taught and isnt 'the norm'. I wasnt sure exactly what I was searching for before I birthed my son, but in Helena as my doula, and hypnobirthing as an added tool, I found it!"

Emma – mum of Jordan (January 2016)



"Another baby, and another opportunity for a natural birth with you supporting us would be magic. No doubt I'd just grow that one breech and with a short cord too. Even though we didn't get the dream hypno water births I always wanted, I feel so lucky to have had your love and support with both our girls. Thank you <3 " 

Annalise – mum of two beautiful Dreambirth breech baby girls Evie & Maya (December 2015)



"I was worried my partner would be working away when our little girl arrived. After further investigation I started reading about Hypnobirthing and decided I wanted a doula who was also a practitioner. I interviewed some other ladies, but felt I had an instant connection with Helena. She was warm, kind and made me feel at ease. Helena also has the most soothing voice! Smile emoticon Helena made me feel confident in my ability to have my baby my way. The relaxation methods were very helpful as well as the fear release session. At the hospital, I was being pressured by everyone to have an induction, but Helena made me feel empowered enough to stand up for my preferences and stick to it. I still can't believe I managed to withstand the constant pressure. Helena also took the most incredible photos and videos which I will treasure forever. The simple fact that Helena was there, made me feel calm and in control, knowing that I can call on my inner strength with her support. " 

Chelna - Alexa's mum (November 2015)
Read Alexa’s Dreambirth story

"We wanted a natural birth and wanted support with breathing techniques and hypnobirthing methods. We chose Dreambirth as a friend highly recommended Helena to us. 3 weeks before the birth of our son we asked Helena to be our Doula at the birth. I couldn't imagine the birth without her help, support and care for my partner and I on this special day. She took the time to be there for my partner and I. But also gave us our space through this special moment. Gave me a great tip to turn baby around... Get in the bath tub with your left leg out to the side! Great tip which no one else suggested.
Having someone who knew the process that takes places in the hospital and gave us extra information and other options, was also very beneficial part of having Helena there with us.
I am so happy with my complete birthing experience. Thank u <3" 

Jacqui – mum of Edison (November 2015)



"Helena brought so much knowledge and a beautiful calmness to our first birth. I would arrive at our sessions with bags full of anxiousness, concerns, questions, and uncertainty, but always left feeling tonnes lighter, reassured, and with a greater trust of my body than ever before.
During labour I was able to enter my own inner birthing space knowing that everything else (including my husband!) was being looked after.
Every birthing woman/couple should have a doula to allow them to be fully present and experience those very precious and rare moments. Thanks a million Helena!" 

Ania (October 2015)

"I had my beautiful baby girl at 12:27am on 1/10/2015 exactly 1 week early) ! Mary Willow O'Neill had been breech the whole pregnancy and my obi told me a c section was my only option - I was aiming for a natural, drug free hypnobirth my whole pregnancy so this was a big spanner in our birthing plan - I decided on Tuesday (29/9/2015), to be referred to King eddies (Perth) to an obi who was pro natural breech births - I had a booked appointment to see him Wednesday at 5:30 to go through information, pros cons etc - well obviously baby was happy with me making this choice because before I could even make my appointment, I started having surges. I went straight to King eddies at about 5:30pm and was only 1cm dilated, i was in active labour by 8pm (4cm) and had our little miss breech, 4 half hours later.
The exact birth we wanted, no pain relief, beautiful music playing, had essential oils diffusing and I had no tearing or stitches - only had a graze. I couldn't have done it without dreambirth and the support of my amazing husband and sister! <3
If anyone is in Perth and is struggling with their breech pregnancy or what to do, I am happy to share my experience and all things I tried to help her turn (she was just not interested)." 

Jacqueline – mum of Mary - naturally born breech baby girl (October 2015)

"This right here is why birth workers are so incredibly important. In my moment of need, I was surrounded by love and support. Just when I had a glimmer of self-doubt, these two women ( Helena – my doula and Linda – my midwife) who I trusted wholeheartedly were right there to pick me up again and tell me exactly what I needed to hear. That, and having the support also meant Scott was able to be there 100% with Laylah and them enjoy the birth together. I cannot stress enough how important the roles of a doula and midwife are to a birthing mother!
My first question to all pregnant friends is always "Who is your support/doula/midwife?" (Images from Hendrix's birth, captured for eternity by the gorgeous Womb Warrior - Doula & Birth Photographer)." 

Lara – mum of two – Laylah and Hendrix (March 2015)




"I had heard about you through my lovely friend M who had had a wonderful birth experience with u and was so positive about her birth afterwards. I felt that for my first birth looking back I was so unprepared despite the ‘classes’ ect the hospital had provided.
Although my birth was not that bad, I wanted to be able to look back on the experience as being positive. I felt there was a lot of pressure to ‘perform’ during my first labour and amongst the hospital atmosphere and the pressure/excitement of relatives and I felt this had played a role in my not being able to focus on myself, my baby and the deep relaxation required to have a beautiful birth. Feelings I felt after having my first daughter, was ‘yay thank god that’s over, there will be no more babies!!’, shock, and I felt quite disconnected from my partner who was quite exhausted and also stressed post birth at a time when I needed him to be there with a positive energy.
My friend M had spoken to me of her birth and how relaxed both her and her partner had been and the whole package she had received and showed me her beautiful birth video and pics. Although I was so happy for her, did have a pang of jealously funnily enough, that I hadn’t had the same first time experience!! So, being newly pregnant I decided to check out the website to see if I too could have such an amazing birth experience!!
Your website was well layed out and attractive and I immediately started thinking of ways to get my husband to come around to the idea of getting a doula, which I knew would be a challenge! Anyway, without telling him the costs involved I managed to get him to the first session despite having a tiff regarding the whole idea in the car on the way!!
Within 10-20 minutes of arriving it was him who said ‘right lets get the whole package!’. I was quite surprised and so excited!! He was so relieved that he was being told the process of birth in a way that he actually understood. He felt that he had the power to help me through the birth whereas before he felt powerless and mostly in the dark about what was actually happening.
Really importantly for me, I feel that having you as our doula has helped us to become closer and to look back on my second daughter's and my son's birth in such a positive light. I felt proud of myself for achieving beautiful calm births despite having to be in a hospital, and I felt totally safe supported by you and my husband. Without having you there, he would have not been as strong willed against the constant wanting to intervene by the hospital. You put our minds at ease when we needed it most and were a constant source of positive energy. Thank u so much <3." 

Sam – mum of three (two dreambirth babies) February 2015

"Dear Helena, your support, love and guidance has been so precious to us and I absolutely loved that every session we had together we would all get carried away laughing for hours. You have been the link that took us from just boyfriend and girlfriend to being confident and happy parents, filled with enthusiasm and self belief. I originally approached you for hypnobirthing because I wanted Terry to have a role in the birth and not feel helpless. The transformation you inspired in Terry was so much more than I had ever hoped for. He went from an anxious guy that "doesn't do babies" to the strongest, most involved and supportive partner and Dad I have ever met and he was so involved in the process it felt like he lead the birth.
You helped me realise my inner strength and I feel with your guidance, I not only became a Mother in a beautifully gently way, I also became a powerful, strong woman.
You will always inspire laughter and tears in our conversations and are so often spoken of in our home. We are so grateful for you and your welcoming spirit. Congratulations on this a five year doula milestone. We know you will continue to welcome babies into the world in the most amazing way possible and inspiring both men and women to step into their roles as parents without fear." 

Love Brodie, Terry and Stevie-Jean (April 2015)

"Hello my darling Helena. just wanted to let u know that we are so happy to tell u that we welcomed to the world a beautiful baby girl called Aliyah at 2;25am this morning. 6,5 hours.... no drugs!! We r both doing great! So happy, thank u for everything. You have no idea how much your love and support got us through!!!" 

Claire and Demir -parents of Aliyah (April 2015)





"Dear Helena, Thank you for being so beautiful & for giving us the confidence to have this amazing experience!! Without you it would have all been very different you allowed me to have a birthing experience I could only dream of. You are such an invaluable support from the day I first contacted you right until after little Evelyn was born. If I ever felt overwhelmed in this medical world just talking to you would instill my confidence again & you always had such great alternative suggestions. I don't just recommend you I sing your praises. I cannot emphasis enough how valuable & amazing you are!" 

Jade - Evelyn's mum (March 2015)

"My hubby and I are forever grateful to you Helena, for the role you played in the birth of our son Cameron. Teaching us hypnobirthing classes, which were never ever rushed and always staying afterwards to answer any questions we had or just have a chat in general.
 In the beginning before we started learning hypnobirthing I was quite worried about the birth, especially being a vbac – my first son being born via c – section for being breech.  I was worried about pain and I knew to give myself the best chance of a successful vbac I needed to stay mobile which in my mind meant me having no pain relief.
While I was labouring at home Helena came as soon as we needed her to and was a steady rock for us, helping my husband help me to stay calm, focused and relaxed. Once we arrived at hospital we found that I was fully dilated and ready to go. It was great having Helena there to bounce questions off and get her opinion. When the contractions were coming hard and fast, Helena and my hubby calmed me down in between each one so I was ready for the next and as I was birthing our son Helena told me certain positions to get in to help Cameron make his way out. Soon after our little boy slipped into the world calm and alert.
Helena helped me achieve the birth that I so desperately wanted – a vbac that was drug free, calm and beautiful. A birth that after having completed the hypnobirthing classes, I was excited about and had no fear at all! Helena taught me to believe in my body and my baby and that together we could do this.
Thankyou Helena from the bottom of our hearts. You are a wonderful, down to earth woman with so much to give and I am so glad we met! Love always

Suzi, Lee, James & Cameron (February 2015)

"Dearest Helena, it’s hard to find the words to thank u for all the wisdom, kindness and beautiful gentle calm Helena energy you graced us with throughout the pregnancy and birthing journey. You r truly an earth angel who we were blessed to cross paths with. Thank u for guiding us & lighting the way on such a special journey into our better selves. It has been a honour having you at our beautiful baby girl’s birth but also the birth of a new Mum & Dad and the new chapter that awaits us. May the world return to you all the love & joy you bring to others lives. Thank u for making our dreambirth a reality and a day & experience which is empowering, otherworldly & one we will never forget. <3 always" 

Melody and Conor – parents of Amelie (November 2014)

"Who could have known aprox 10 months ago I was looking to do everything to change my next birth experience. Something drew me to Helena's picture on doula Australia website. Helena helped me more than I could have ever imagined through my pregnancy and birth. The birth of Wyatt was an amazing experience. Labor was a dream, no pain, it was just slightly uncomfortable. :) and I wouldn't change a thing about my birth even though it was not where I expected to give birth.(Wyatt was born in front of the house in the ambulance  It was actually fun and empowering and it will be a sad day when i have finished having children and can’t experience that again. I would do it all over again tomorrow :) but maybe not go to a wedding lol. I look forward to completing this journey again with Helena in the future." 

Jocelyn – mum of two (November 2014)

"Helena was wonderful to have at the birth of our baby. We felt very supported. Unlike our midwife who had to leave after 12 hours of labour, Helena was there the whole time. She brought with her a wealth of experience that was very comforting when making difficult decisions about the birthing process. We chose Helena because of her hypnobirthing experience as well as the fact that she has a lovely energy. Helena has a wonderful voice when taking you through hypnosis techniques – and special skills – she brought on the labour of our baby with her baby-whispering. During the labour she was respectful and joyous and never lost sight of what she was there to do. She was there at the right time and stepped back at the right times. After the labour she was supportive and helped us grieve the birth that we had wanted and embrace the birth that we had had, through a re-birthing ceremony. She offered so many services that we were looking for and many that we were not looking for but were perfect – homeopathy, placenta encapsulation, photography, handmade mementos of the birth. Everything was done very professionally. She really is everything in one shining package. The baby massage course was also great – a chance to reconnect with Helena, learn to offer love to our babies and to meet other mums. I can’t imagine giving birth without Helena there and she is the most perfect ambassador for doulas that you could meet. Doing hypnobirthing and having a doula, particularly Helena, were two of the best decisions we made in our birthing process. These decisions completely transformed our experience of having a child, before, during and after the birth. I can’t recommend her enough." 

Lise – mum of Henry (September 2014)

"Dear Helena, Thank u for being with us - u made me feel extra strong and supported, we r both so happy you were our doula!!! Wow, the photos tell it all really...a powerfully intense but calm entrance into the world for our beautiful cherub :))) " 

Jane – mum of Isla (September 2014)

"Dear Helena, thank u so much for being our doula! I first decided to book a doula to feel more confident at the birth and also to look after my son if need be. You ticked the both of those boxes and so many more. Your warm nature and passion for birth helped me to achieve everything I'd envisioned. To have my son at the birth, a beautiful short labor, to birth my daughter into water in our own home - everything was per...fect. Best of all, I had no fear, I felt strong, confident and in control with so much positive energy around me! I got to experience a "dreambirth" and I'm so happy and grateful we chose to have you with us.
Thank u for encouraging me and being a beautiful presence throughout my labor, all the while never interfering. Thank u for agreeing to be our doula even though we r all the way in the hills! Thank u for organizing my beautiful blessing way - it was such a special day! Thank u for the amazing photos and videos of my labour and birth; treasured memories that we can keep forever. You are a very special person and your presence in our lives throughout my pregnancy and birth will not be forgotten.
From the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU!!!"

Laura - mum of two (September 2014)

"The birth of my baby with Helena as my doula is one of the most positive experiences of my life. Apart from a brief melt down during transition, the rest of the birth was loving, calm and I was wholly, fully present. No stitches, no drugs, no screams, just LOVE. Having a doula present was a transformative experience for me and my family. Helena supported not just me but my partner and my eldest daughter who were all present.
...If i havent already said it i would just like to say thankyou for everything that you do and everything that you are. I appreciate your help more than you will ever know..." 

Mara, Eva's mum (August 2014)

"...Many Thanks for sharing my ride into motherhood with us to welcome our beautiful son Eden into this magical world who is worth every crazy moment I/ we all travelled through whilst journeying through this mysterious country called Labourland.

When I was asked to steer off my birth preferences even further than I had done so far already and found myself uncertain which direction to take without making unnecessary compromises though at the same time keep both Eden and I safe, I greatly appreciated your willingness and acceptance of our last minute invitation to be our doula at the click of a message.

Your continued support and steady encouragement throughout the night helped me to stay on track even when I attempted to jump off that train a million times..." Yes, darling... Now I am proud that I didn’t take any pain relief or opted for the epidural that appeared appealing at some point for a while... Thank u so much! And Many Thanks for the beautiful photos!"

Mandy, Eden's mum (June 2014)

"I am so pleased I chose hypnobirthing and really believe it was how and why I enjoyed the experience so much. Your assistance throughout was also invaluable in reminding me to stay focused, particularly when it got tough. W. was very pleased you were there and we would be so pleased to have you with us again should we ever be lucky enough to have another bub. :) I wish more women could have the experience I had, no fear, confidence and a truly emotional experience bringing your child into the world."

Sarah, Rosie's mum (March 2014)

"Dearest Helena, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your loving support and guidance in preparing for and welcoming Evie into the world. U have a truly special role, and were a wonderful help to us both every step of the way. We certainly credit some of Evie’s beautiful relaxed temperament to Hypnobirthing and your input. I hope we can continue to keep in touch as I already miss your beautiful, kind and calm influence. Keep up the amazing work – I will certainly be recommending you to everyone!"

Analise, Steve and Evie (July 2013)

"Helena is such a wonderful person to have help during birth, and after while getting to know your baby. She immediately put L & I at ease with the birth process, and only had lovely positive things to say about her experiences with other mums and their births. It was so refreshing to hear about the 99% of births that go well, rather than the exceptions that put a fear of childbirth in first time mums. Thank u for giving me the confidence to fulfil my dream with minimal interventions and excitement about the birthing process."

Berny, mum of two dreambirth babies (September 2012)

"It is hard to put into words just how much your support, guidance and professionalism meant to us throughout our pregnancy, at our birth and after. We honestly cannot thank you enough! You gave me something that every woman should be given during her pregnancy - confidence! The time I spent with you gave me a true belief and faith in myself, my body and my ability to welcome my baby earth side exactly the way I wanted - I truly had my dreambirth! Your services are truly under-rated and your tireless devotion to the mothers and families you care for is simply amazing! Your ability to remember every mothers pregnancy, every baby's name and birth and recall the stories and experiences you have shared with such pure joy is truly inspirational. When we signed up for hypnobirth sessions with you, we got more value than we ever thought possible. We gained a mentor, support, trust and a friendship. The effort you went to for each of our sessions was always above and beyond and to continue to offer your support after Audrey was born through baby massage classes and staying in touch has just been wonderful!
We decided to have you present at our birth as our doula relatively late in the pregnancy - a choice we both felt so confident in making. You were wonderfully connected with me throughout the whole experience, and though I didn't need to 'use' you in the way I thought I would, on the day, knowing you were by my side I felt so empowered. I think the fact that I didn't need to call on you is one of the biggest compliments I can give you - what you do, what you teach - it really works! I could do it myself! I did it myself!
The support you gave to Pete and my Mum and the Midwives at our birth was phenomenal and we cherished having you part of the most unforgettable day of our lives!
Pete is your biggest advocate, he will tell people all the time how amazing and important hypnobirth is, how under rated and professional your service as a doula is and cannot speak more highly of you to all who ask about our dreambirth! Empowering women is one thing, but to have a husband and father be so proud of the way you helped out our family I think speaks even higher volumes!
It is obvious in your every word you speak and every action you make just how much you truly love your calling and I thank you so much for doing what you do.
All our love and friendship"

Bec, Peter and Audrey (October 2013)

"Dear Helena, words cannot express how grateful we r for the support u have given us over the past 8 months and for everything u taught us in the lead up to our baby's birth. As a pregnant woman u gave me the best gift I could ask for - unwavering confidence in my ability to have a beautiful, natural birth. So even though I did not have the water birth I hoped for, there was not a moment where I didn't believe my birth would be calm and natural - and it was! Than u so much for being there and holding my hand, and also for the gorgeous photos u took - we will cherish them forever. U r such a beautiful person and I feel so blessed to have had u by my side throughout my pregnancy and birth. We look forward to one day sharing the journey of our second child with u! all our love. xox"

Lori & Mike - Penelope's parents (September 2013)

"On our first meeting, Helena imparted such positivity and energy towards birthing that we couldn’t consider the pregnancy/birth experience without her. Prenatally Dreambirth’s impact was to impart a sense of calm, naturalness, caring and intense love towards our unborn baby and the process of birthing. This resulted in alleviation of anxiety around the bi...rth, through caring, calming support and meditations. Most importantly Helena’s sessions increased the bond with our unborn son at a very intense time in our lives – an invaluable, incredible, experience for all three of us. Thank you Helena for your passion and dedication to birthing, our experience with the arrival of our first son (who arrived four weeks early) was joyful because of your talent and passion for what you do. A Dreambirthed baby is the best entrance for any baby... no matter when, where or how they arrive! "

R & H - parents of Sam (November 2013)

"Hypnobirth was a foreign concept to us prior to conception. We knew we wanted a Doula though and set about interviewing in our fourth month of pregnancy. Helena had a website that not only thoroughly explained any and everything we needed but her demeanor in person was inspiring and instilled a confidence in my husband and I in achieving the birth that was so important to us. Helena spent countless hours with us throughout our pregnancy training in hypnobirthing and strategizing our plans for the birth of our son. As a result my husband was made to be an integral part of our pregnancy, labour and birth, and our son came into this world in the most natural and healthiest way possible. A doula is a "personal birth companion providing support to you and your partner". Helena was a brilliant support, and informed professional, a firm advocate for our beliefs and a blessing to our birth experience. There is no question that we will be birthing with her again in the future."

Dr. Lindsey & Craig – Carter’s parents (August 2013)

"Helena I want to thank you for your support and beautiful presence during the birth, I was so touched how you assisted V. through those deep early hours and throughout the long night and morning, your strength and guidance helped us both to achieve what we wanted with the birth of our beautiful Jasminka, at home in our own bed. Your part in her birth will always be special to us, thank you so much XX."

Tony – Jasmine’s dad (July 2013)



"I found Helena's profile on the Australian Doula website & initially contacted her because she appeared to offer many of the services I was interested in such as hypnobirthing, placenta encapsulation and of course, a birthing doula. However, it was blindingly obvious to me from our first interaction that these services are only part of the package you get when you choose to birth with Dreambirth. Some of the the most valuable gifts Helena gave to us are not listed in her Dreambirth packages but for us were some of the most memorable - her warm, encouraging energy which instantly made myself and my husband feel so relaxed & supported every time we were in her presence; her calm, yet strong voice of reason which kept us focused when we had our doubts & concerns; and of course, her loving, smiling face of encouragement during that brief moment of hesitation minutes before our precious baby girl entered this world.

Helena, You have changed my husband’s whole outlook on birth as he can now compare the birth of his first child in a hospital environment with intervention to our calm, peaceful natural birth of our baby girl in the Family Birthing Centre and in his words 'they are worlds apart'.

Thank you so much Helena for being committed to such a cause & ensuring that everyday women like myself get to achieve their Dreambirth. "

Melissa – Matilda’s mum (May 2013)

See Matilda’s Dreambirth

"The birth of Florence is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Im so proud that I was able to do that and having you there made that possible. You are just so good at what you do. thank you thank you thank you xxx."

Karen – mum of two (May 2013)


"My journey to my natural VBA2C would not have been such an amazing experience without your support. Thank u for believing in me!! x♥."

Kellee - mum of three (hypno lotus VBA2C - February 2013)




"3 weeks ago today was the most amazing day of my life. One of the best decisions we made in our pregnancy was having you as our Doula. Hypnobirthing really does work, & you are an amazing Hypnobirthing Practitioner. I loved my pregnancy journey with you.

On the day Luna decided to meet us we were so incredibly fortunate to have you. I remember the sense of complete calm and love that arrived with you when you walked through the door. I felt so at ease with you there. You are a beautiful person who is one of the best gifts a Mum and her baby could ever ask for. A natural Doula!...

You are truly incredible at what you do & we couldn't have done it without you. Julien is also immensely grateful for everything you 'did' for us.

Thank you. We will never forget you!"


Bianca & Luna -xx. (January 2013)

"Thank you for being apart of our lives this year as you really did change them! You are an amazing women and you will always hold a special place in my heart with your role in Imogen's birth!

Love u too the moon and back!"


the Lucas's (December 2012)


"Dear Helena, I decided to hire a doula fairly late into my pregnancy. I think I was 33 weeks. I had looked into hypnobirthing and decided to do a course to help me to prepare for our baby’s birth and when I saw you also provided a package of doula services, pregnancy and birth photography, u were an easy choice! From the time we met, u had a calming presense, a lovely energy about u and a great sense of humour. My husband Rob and I really looked forward to our evenings with you each week. Over the course we learned about birth and techniques we could use, but what we didn’t expect how bonding this time would be – as a couple, and for each of us with our unborn child. U gave us so much skills and practise that hypnobirthing came easy to us and when I did go into labour, Rob and I didn’t even realize, we were using the techniques. It worked so well, our son Austin was born only 20 minutes after arriving to hospital. I know that my drug free natural birth – tear free – was because of u and the skills u taughted Rob and I. From the bottom of our hearts, thank u for the confidence, calmness, relaxation, support and love that u gave the three of us."

Gemma & Rob – Austin’s parents (November 2012)

See Dreambirth of Austin






"Dear Helena, thank u so much for all the help and support that u have given us over the last few months and for helping us to welcome Molly into the world. We look forward to seeing u again for baby number 2! Love"

Virginia and Luke – Molly’s parents (July 2012)



"Helena, what an angel u have been for us all. Your strength, optimism, practical guidance and support have been such a massive influence on the enjoyment of our pregnancy and success of Tom’s birth. The hypnobirthing pathway was fantastic – I feel like I climbed the highest mountain in the world + can do anything! So great for me as I was so petrified a few years ago which held me back from having a second child. As I write I feel the words aren’t enough – I truly believe you were sent to me and my family to give us the magic and joy of happily and safely welcoming my son to our world. Your guidance is invaluable – more, much more than I ever imagined. Thank you for your excitement, passion and compassion. I will never forget what u have given us – u gave me and Glen the strength when we most needed it and no-one else could do. Thank u, thank u, thank u. "

Kym and Glenn – Ryan’s and Tom’s parents (May 2012)

Read Tom’s Dreambirth story
See Tom’s Dreambirth story

"We first met Helena when I was 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby. She came to our home to teach us hypnobirthing as we wanted a gentle drug-free birth for our daughter. We didn’t think that we would want a doula. But when we met Helena, we instantly connected with her calming & relaxing energy and we both knew that we wanted her there at our daughter’s birthing. So we asked her to be our doula which I think was the best decision we made throughout my pregnancy! Helena’s support during my pregnancy, labour and birth was invaluable. Her presence helped us to relax at every stage & to have trust in my body’s ability to birth. We had full confidence in Helena to act as our advocate at the birth centre so I could fully relax my mind & deeply connect to my body & baby during labour & birthing. Leigh could then focus entirely on supporting me.

Helena also took some amazing pictures that we will treasure forever. Helena’s continued support during the postnatal period was also very important to me and the baby massage classes were beautiful. Thanks to Helena & hypnobirthing I truly was able to have my Dreambirth! "

Kate – mum of Lucy (July 2012)

Read Lucy’s Dreambirth story
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"Thank u so very much for your part to play in such a positive birth experience. The support was wonderful, from the relaxation in preparation for the birth, to just simply being present for me through the long hours of birth. I could really feel your soft nurturing energy and helped me get through what I was experiencing. I felt very safe and held yet honoured in my space in finding my power to birth for the first time."

Gemma - mum of homebirthed Oliver (January 2012)

See Olivers Dreambirth

"Helena was a great blessing to both my husband and me in preparing for my VBAC, and ultimately deciding to pursue a homebirth with an independent midwife (found/recommended by Helena!). Our hypnobirthing ‘classes’ could hardly be called classes, they were so relaxed! We grew to really look forward to those times spent chatting and laughing with Helena in our living room, and the course content along with Helena’s own input really helped both of us to communicate our feelings about the impending birth as well as my first labour and caesarean birth, and to crystallise our thoughts about what was important to us this time around. The last-minute decision to change to a homebirth was an emotional and conflicted one, but one that – once made – we were incredibly at peace about, and really it was Helena who made it possible on a practical level by finding our midwife (who was perfect!) and letting us borrow her pool, as well as being there for us in labour along with our other doula. And they worked really well together, which I think says a lot about Helena’s easy going nature and others-centredness. Having Helena at the birth was a great help to me as she used some of the hypnobirthing techniques to help me relax and progress, and it was especially helpful for my husband as it freed him from worrying that he would have to remember everything we had learned and do all the prompting himself (we hadn’t done much practice!!). He was a wonderful emotional support and did lots of massage, but my experience was that having Helena to do the scripts etc meant my husband could sort of mentally ‘switch off’ and just go with the flow. And he so appreciated Helena’s sense of humour that we joked we were hiring her to be his doula! Helena was incredibly generous to us with her time and support, and sharing those ‘class’-times and the birth with her created a bond of friendship that I hope will last."

Deborah – mum of Saskia and Jemima (December 2011) - HBAC

Read Dreambirth of Jemima Ruth

How did the hypnobirthing course help you to prepare for your birth?

"I think the most helpful thing you did for us, Helena, was assisting us to process our thoughts about the whole thing (including Saskia’s caesarean birth and the decision to have a home birth). I believe that the relaxation techniques and positive visualization really helped Deb prepare for birth. One thing I really appreciated about you was your sense of humour and friendliness plus how the sessions were really informal. Having a bit of a laugh really helped me as it was quite an intense time in our lives. Having two doulas and a home water birth was a truly amazing experience."

Tim - dad of Saskia and Jemima (December 2011) – HBAC

"Helena, thank u so much for helping us achieve a great birth. Even with complications in our pregnancy and little Fynn arriving 4 and half weeks early, the birth was great. We’re already counting down for when we can start trying for baby number two and look forward to welcoming you back for that pregnancy and birth. With love. Julie, Peter and baby Fynn."

Julie – mum of Fynn (November 2011)

How did the hypnobirthing course help you to prepare for your birth?

"Overall I’d say the most helpful thing was the course gave Stefan & I the tools & confidence we needed to prepare for a natural birth. Giving us an opportunity to learn about the physiological side of birth and how big a role our minds play in determining outcomes. During the course my determination and also confidence grew & I was more than ready when the time came, there was no fear, hesitation or worry."

What do you feel was the most beneficial part of having me as your doula?

Encouragement for me, guiding Stefan and being on hand to capture Griffin’s birth on film. I didn’t think I’d want photos but now I treasure them & look at them often. In all honesty, it was a perfect experience and our birth intentions were all respected by the midwife. We were & are 100% happy with our experience.

Vanessa – mum of Griffin (December 2011)

See Dreambirth of Griffin Rafferty
Read Vanessa’s Birth story

"From the first day I met you I felt very comfortable and confident that you would be the right person to support me throughout my pregnancy and the birth of Imogen. You were always available if I had any questions or concerns and I especially enjoyed the Hypnobirthing course as it allowed me to relax and prepare myself mentally. You contacted me regularly to see how I was going and in the days following my due date provided me with information on how to help initiate labour naturally. Nine days following my due date my beautiful daughter was born without the need for drugs. I truly believe that the information and emotional support you provided throughout my pregnancy and birth enabled me to achieve a beautiful natural birth. Thank you so much!"

Marie – mum of Joshua and Imogen (July 2011)

See Dreambirth of Imogen May

"Helena, right from the start, you were my source of strength. The few times I questioned that I could birth naturally after 2 c/sections, your belief in me put me right back on track. The photos you took of my beautiful pregnant belly are superb and such a valuable momento of that time. The Mothers Blessing you organised was so meaningful, relaxing and inspirational. My baby was invited into the world surrounded by the love of my special women. On my birthing day you were so excited yet so calming for me. Although I wasnt the serene birthing goddess I pictured I would be, I can still remember your calming words whispered in my ear to focus and ground me through the hardest times and the squeals of delight when that magnificent baby flew out to meet us. I totally believe Hypnobirthing is why second stage was quick and my 9-pound baby was birthed without trauma. My Mum thinks the world of you too for such a beautiful blessingway and keeping her updated during the birth. She wishes she had a Helena during her birthing years. You, my midwife and Husband made an awesome birthing team and in the end we did it! Its been amazing to have your support through the lows of my c/sections to the highs of my HBA2C. How can I ever thank you?"

Julie - mum of three (June 2011) - HBA2C

See Dreambirth of Myah Lian

"…Having Helena there to help Michelle stay focused on her breathing and hypnobirthing was great and allowed me to focus all my attention on Michelle’s well being. It was great being able to ask her questions about what was happening during the whole process. "

Dan – dad of Miah (June 2011)





"I was apprehensive about giving birth so turned to hypnobirthing. I came across Helena’s website and saw she did Doula work and baby massage. I thought this was perfect and signed up for all three. My husband was extremely sceptical of the hypnobirthing and did not participate in it. This was another good reason to have Helena as my Doula to help me stay focused on my breathing and remain calm during labour. I found the hypnobirthing sessions and the CDs very calming and when it came down to the labour and even the last few weeks I was calm and confident. I started to have mild cramping over the weekend and we kept in contact with Helena. When they came closer together, we phoned Helena who came over Sunday night to check up on us. As soon as she arrived my surges started coming closer and closer. I think I started true labour as soon as she arrived. It was great to be able to have someone come to our house and help us figure out what stage I was in and what to do. I was able to remain calm and focus on my breathing. As my surges came closer together Helena decided it was time to go to the hospital. This was very helpful as we had someone objective we could turn to in this situation. We arrived at the hospital and my husband and Helena both had their jobs and settled me into the birthing suite. As the surges intensified, Helena kept me on track focusing on my breathing. We had the hypnobirthing affirmations also playing which helped me focus on these and remember the calm state I was in when I listened to them at home. Helena stayed with us all night. My little baby girl arrived 6am on Monday morning and I’m proud to say with no help from drugs or forceps. All the staff at Joondalup were very supportive of my birth plan and I strongly believe that it was Helena and the hypnobirthingy that helped me achieve this. Our baby is very calm and great sleeper and alert and playful during the day – besides having great parents I’m sure this is due to having a ‘dreambirth’!"

Michelle – mum of Miah (June 2011)

See Dreambirth of Miah Marie

"I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Helena for all of her help. I had a lot of fear and anxiety before I did the hypnobirthing course with her. I was scared about pregnancy and the birth. Helena made me feel confident and empowered as a woman that could handle the birth with ease. I never would have believed I would look forward to the birth of my baby but I did after the course. I had planned for a homebirth. When I went into labour Helena was there every step of the way with me and my husband Craig. I had a very difficult labour that stopped and started for four days before it really began. Helena was there for me on the phone constantly and came and stayed with us at our house for three days. It was an exhausting process for everyone involved. Throughout it all Helena was there for me and kept me positive to cope with the long length of the labour. The pain I felt during the labour was manageable, just exhausting as it had been so long. Thanks to Helena and the hypnobirthing I coped though. I was even smiling between the surges. I ended up going to the hospital after five days due to the labour not progressing. When I arrived at the hospital I was 6-7cms dilated. I would not have ever thought that due to the length of the labour I could have coped with it. I was amazed I that I had made it to that point drug free just using hypnobirthing. After a lot of medical intervention I ended up having an emergency caesarian. Even though all my fears about birth came true I handled it very well. I shudder to think how I would have handled it if it wasn’t for Helena and the hypnobirthing course. I am so eternally grateful for Helena’s compassion, knowledge and understanding, words cannot even begin to express how thankful we are. Helena you are truly an angel. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much love Sam, Craig and Lyla. "

Sam - mum of Lyla (March 2011)

"At the start of my pregnancy and until i was about 23 weeks pregnant i had constant anxiety about the birth/ going to the hospital. Through doing hypnobirthing with my wonderful doula, Helena from Dreambirth i now have so much more confidence. People often say to me they cannot believe how far ive come with my anxiety and how calm i am about the whole thing. I am no longer afraid of the birth and am almost looking forward to it. I am confident in my ability to birth my baby naturally and trust the process. I obviously still have the odd worrying thoughts about the birth but i now manage them so much better and they do not last long as i can turn them into positive thoughts. The biggest thing i have learnt from hypnobirthing so far is to trust your body. You know whats best for it and your baby. Also that been stressed and anxious just make the whole birthing process longer and a lot more painful. I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone as its completely turned my life around. I am more calmer in general and am now enjoying my pregnancy. Its hard to believe i am the same person that i was a few months ago. I never thought i could be so calm. You really have a wonderful way of making me feel secure and trusting that everything will be ok with the birth. Im so glad you are going to be there with Craig and i.  Thank you so much Helena."

Sam - mum of Lyla - before the birth (January 2011)

"We were so fortunate to be able to enjoy the hypnobirthing experience and I hope I can use it again in the future. I will always have beautiful memories of Jayden's birth instead of wanting to forget his birthing day. I think you are amazing at what you do!

Thank you so much for the photos, you did a fantastic job. I wish I could employ you as a photographer for special occasions.

Jayden is doing well; he is so beautiful; I feel so blessed!"

Melanie, mum of Jayden (April 2010)

Doula & Birth attendance

"...Knowing that you were there the whole time, and you believed in me, made me so confident. I know I had to have a C section in the end and I was really disappointed, but I do have even more belief now that I could birth naturally. Just being there while I was labouring was empowering, as it just reminded me to relax and that I could do it.  You have helped me to come to this conclusion. Thank you for the info on brow presentation, it seems I am special! I am still determined to go natural next time and I hope you will be there for my support. Thank you so much."

Sara - mum of Jaimie (January 2011)

"Talking through how I envisioned my second birth and what went wrong with my previous birth helped me to be more positive. I felt totally prepared after our last meeting. During labour Helena stayed with us the whole time at hospital (13 hours) which was really appreciated and even came to our home the night before and helped me relax with her techniques enough to get some much needed rest after 2 nights of no sleep! Helena went beyond what I had expected from her. She helped me to stay positive through the labor as well. Helena knew when I needed her help and when Dave and I needed to be alone. There were many times I felt like giving up during this looooong labour but she kept me focused to get through it. THE PHOTO’S – They are so beautiful! Such an amazing experience and will have the photos to keep forever to cherish. …. Thank you for having my own ‘Dreambirth’."

Krystal – mum of Harrison (January 2011) – VBAC

"......thank you for congratulating me with my lovely twins and aim so pleased for what you have done for us. On behalf of my family I say thank you again and wishing you all the best."

M & H, parents of six (August, 2010)




"To dearest Helena: Its hard to put into words how fantastic you were and how far your words and absolute love got us at Evan's birth. You were incredibly positive and made me stay so focused and positive as well. I value the experience so much and am so glad to share it with you. Ryan loved that you were so supportive of me and us. I was only able to go those last few hours because of your total and absolute faith in me and my baby and I really knew your heart was in it. I was boosted by the knowledge that you had done this yourself and knew what I was feeling - which is about the only thing a loving husband cannot provide......

Thank you for the photos you took, I didn’t notice them being taken but I am so happy I have them now and they are just beautiful. So nice, that I've had 2 framed for our bedroom wall...... Thanks for letting us be one of the first steps on your journey."

Julie, mum of Evan (October, 2008)

Hypnobirthing classes

Hi Helena, It's 2 weeks tomorrow with our dream baby, River. She is the apple of daddy's eye. I rarely get time with her as he is a very hands on dad and just loves his cuddles with her. She had a very calm entrance into this world as she was born at 8:42pm and didn't cry until 4am the next morning because she was still hungry. She has a big appetite and is already well over her birth weight.

I listened to the "Baby come out" track twice and baby came out! As I mentioned in the text my labour progressed so quickly I couldn't use the surge breathing very effectively as my contractions were back to back. I didn't have much time to catch my breath but what HypnoBirthing allowed me to do was lose control and let my body take over. I let my body do whatever it wanted which meant allowing whatever sounds to come out too. This is probably why my labour progressed so quickly. The course meant that I had a really good idea of what point I was during labour and I did manage to breathe my beautiful baby out into Vic's hands. What a wonderful, beautiful moment that was. All thanks to you.

We think her name suits her so beautifully. A river can be calming, a life source of gentle strength. We think she's going to change the world this one ❤.

Love Katriese and Vic (April 2019)

Hi Helena, Just thought you might like to know that I had my baby last Tuesday, almost a week early! He was born in the water at home after a 2.5hr active labour (mostly in my back so Luke had to do a lot of work!). The hypnobirthing techniques were amazing during labour and I felt much more in control than I did with my first birth. Luke was also really confident about helping me to relax and using pressure on my back during surges so I’m really glad you offered us that last class; it ended up being really valuable!

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us during our pregnancy! I’m so glad we did the course with you, it definitely helped us to make the birth as wonderful as it was. Love.

Victoria (August 2018)

Doing a hypnobirthing course with Helena and having her at the birth of my first daughter was fantastic. My attitude to birthing completely changed after meeting with Helena, I was initially petrified! Helena taught me how powerful my body and especially my mind, can be. Helena will always have a special place in my heart and I would highly recommend her.

Jodie – mum of two dreambirth girls (June 2017)

Dear Helena, thank u so much for all your encouragement, support, and positive energy towards our birthing experience. We have both felt calm & excited for our journey ahead because we know this is a natural part of life and we are equipped with wonderful knowledge on birthing <3. Thank you more than words can express. Lots of love and beautiful energy.

Coley & Simon & Austin (born naturally) August 2016

"Helena empowered us with a great deal of knowledge to ensure we were as prepared as possible to have the natural birth we wanted. We both learnt so much, particularly my husband regarding the birthing process & what to expect. The information for birthing companions (what to do for the mother) was invaluable. Having multiple options to assist in the labour process & be an integral part of the birth were invaluable for my husband & myself. Helena provided invaluable information, going above & beyond our expectations of the Hypnobirthing course. We are so pleased we completed the course."

Amber (August 2016)




"Helena radiates joy and enthusiasm for the birthing process. It is truly wonderful to enter her home as a pregnant lady and be treated like a goddess who is about to undergo a sacred journey into motherhood. The DreamBirth course fills you with confidence in achieving the calm birth that you desire and gets you excited about birthing your baby. Both of my boys have been birthed in such a peaceful environment, surrounded by love and calmness due to the skills and knowledge that my husband and I learned during the DreamBirth course."

Jess – mum of two (August 2016)

"I was apprehensive about birth, and was not against receiving intervention. After taking the Hypnobirthing course I felt completely empowered to decide on what kind of birth I wanted and to implement a plan to guide my decisions throughout the pregnancy. I became aware how quickly intervention is offered, and became so confident that my body would do what it needed to do to birth my baby in the healthiest way possible. My husband and I felt as calm and confident as we could have been prior to the birth of our first baby. We were so grateful to have been gifted with the knowledge that a positive birthing experience was possible, and that even with complications, we were empowered to make the best decisions for our baby. We couldn't recommend it enough! "

Te-neele – Avery’s mum (July 2016)

"Hi Helena, I can't thank you enough for your hypnobirthing tuition and the advice you gave us during the labour, I really don't know how I would have made it through the 73 hours without it! Although it was an incredibly long labour, for the majority of the latent stage I was able to remain very calm and relaxed. There were a couple of times that I struggled to maintain focus due largely to very unfavourable hypnobirthing conditions in the hospital, but once I got back down again things would progress much more comfortably. As you predicted, C. was an absolutely amazing birth companion, I definitely could not have done it without him! Despite the challenges, we both found the birth to be a beautiful, loving and deeply spiritual experience which we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Our son came out perfectly healthy, alert and unaffected by the labour. He is the loveliest baby and always seems so happy and content - we are head over heels in love with him! Xxx"

Sam in London (May 2015)

"Helena was such a great teacher and general guide for all things 'natural birth'! We would highly recommend the Hypnobirthing course, it really helped us with techniques to make our boy's birth easier, and it gave us the confidence to proceed with the birth we wanted."

Emma and Connor (October 2015)

"The hypnobirthing course armed me with the necessary information to better deal with the birth. After attending the classes I felt I had a role in the birth other than getting in the way. It made me feel like I was an important part of the process and that i should be there."

Dad of Sadie, March 2014

"The course helped me have confidence in myself and my body and put my mind at ease. It also really helped my fiancé learn how he can support me and help me through the birth, which gave him more involvement during the birth of our son. The fact that my fiancé knew what to do helped me rest easy as well. I honestly didn’t know I was in active labour, as I didn’t know what to expect or how it was going to feel. I had lots of plans and was armed with numerous techniques to help me through my birth but I didn’t find a really needed all the things. My birth came from within. I really relied on my hypnobreathing techniques and relaxing. My fiancé was my absolute rock through my birth. Before I went into labour I used to talk to my baby and visualize the birth I wanted for us, I really believed this helped us both as well. I still use my breathing techniques to relax myself after the birth. We both really enjoyed the course, it was easy to learn and to do your own once the courses had finished. Helena was lovely and reassuring and loaded with information which helped a lot seems as this was our first child and we had no idea what to expect.

Im grateful that we were blessed with such an amazing and positive birthing experience. I am glad I was able to have the birth I wanted and would have no reserves for when it comes to the next one. "

Naomi – mumof Bodhi (February 2014)

"We were so blessed to find Helena. The entire course was fantastic. Helena is such a beautiful, genuine and caring person who put us at ease. Nothing was too much trouble for her to answer and we felt so relaxed and were able to laugh and enjoy each session. Dreambirth provided us with the knowledge to steer our birth in the direction we wished. Our little girl got to have a natural birth and the knowledge gained from the course allowed us to discuss our wishes and make informed choices."

Cherylyn & Clayton & Annabelle (March 2014)




"Check out our little girl, she finally arrived! She is divine and cannot believe how much we are smitten with her. Birth was awesome, 6 hours, relaxing, and everything we had planned for.Glad to have delivered her drug and stress free. We have one happy, health and hungry baby! Thank u!"

Peta & Jaimie & Sadie (March 2014)

"Baby Arlo came outside world and perfect in every way! It was a wonderful, happy, calm birth... thank u Helena for helping us find the way to a joyful birthing! Xoxo"

SRenee – mum of two (February 2014)

"Dear Helena, words can’t express how grateful we r for your guidance leading up to Scarlett’s birth and postnatal support. Your calm, gentle encouragement made all the difference – u r an incredible person and we are so glad we found you."

Olivia & Matt & Scarlett (February 2013)

"I happened to chance upon Helena by some stroke of luck. I had known about hypnobirthing from a segment I had seen on morning breakfast TV and it had stuck in my mind. I hadn’t realised there was a fear-free way to birth! I had always been told scary stories about birthing and was so scared that I wouldn’t know how to handle being pregnant or how to give birth. I had dreadful thoughts and maybe even a phobia of birthing I think! Reading Helena’s website inspired me and immediately calmed my nerves. Having Helena there to coach us through the 5 sessions was amazing. She was supportive, knowledgeable and everything she taught us was from her heart. There was no question I could not ask her – nothing was too embarrassing to ask because she made us so comfortable. Initially too scared to even watch a woman giving birth, Helena’s sessions included videos of women birthing and the calmness in these birthing women made me think ‘If they can do it, so can I.’ I am now not scared to watch a woman birth at all!

It felt so reassuring that she was available 24/7 for help and I could just give her a phone call no matter what time it was. Even though I didn’t ask Helena to be there as my doula, the advice and support she provided through text messaging and talking to my husband during the actual birthing was so comforting. Helena, thank you for your love, encouragement and being so passionate about what you do. Your calm energy is so contagious and I will always recommend you to anyone I know who is pregnant and even those who are not pregnant yet!

Hope to see you for baby number 2 (I would never have said this a few years ago – can’t believe I am not scared anymore!) "

Fahima and Ahmed – Zayd’s parents (July 2013)

"We gave birth to our beautiful little girl last night - Sophia, using the hypnobirthing techniques in the bath, just as we wanted. Happened very quickly, was perfect and magical. Thank u so much for everything xx "

Svenja & Paul – mum of two (July 2013)

"The birth was quite special, I thought my first birth was ok, but there is no way I would do it any other way now! The combination of the water and being aware of what your body is doing through the hypnobirthing techniques, just resulted in a very easy, and special experience. The midwife just left us to it and it was like it was just me and my husband. Thank u for all your help and coaching. What a beautiful way to start life! Xx "

Loren & Ez – parents of two (June 2013)

"A journey of self-discovery and healing begun the moment I found out I was pregnant with my second child. At this time I was still tormented from the trauma of the birth of my son. I had a lot of residual issues that I needed to overcome. Coupled with that was a fierce determination to ensure I birthed our baby naturally and pain free. I chose HypnoBirthing to assist me in achieving these goals.

I didn’t know much about HypnoBirthing when I began my research. My research involved a google search which listed Dreambirth. I had a quick look through the site, saw the picture of Helena, she looked friendly and I noticed she offered the personal lessons. I was sold. My research stopped there.

I was excited to be starting the classes and had very little idea of what was involved. The name HypnoBirthing offers a few hints of information, but no details. When Helena arrived she was friendly, bubbly and automatically made me feel comfortable. Each lesson was relaxed, informative, practical, relevant and interesting. I cannot fault the way Helena prescribed the course. There’s nothing I would change about the content, delivery or of Helena. It was perfect for me.

I think it’s worth noting, aside from Helena’s lessons being everything that I needed; Helena was always a massive support outside of the lessons. At 35 weeks I found out the baby was breech. I had been told some unhelpful information at the hospital, along the lines of but not in these exact words ‘you’re doomed and destined for a c-section’. Immediately I rang Helena, I knew she’d have some helpful advice. She put me onto breech turning HypnoBirthing recordings which became a part of my daily routine. Helena checked in with me regularly, I could tell she was generally concerned for me. At the same time as wanting the baby to turn, Helena also encouraged me to have confidence in birthing a breech baby if the path were to go that way. Thankfully, at 37 weeks I was told my baby had turned.

At 42 weeks my baby still had not arrived and the pressure to be induced was increasing. Helena shares the same philosophy as me, and that is – babies know when the time is right, if all is well and healthy, why push them? I wanted my baby to come when she was ready. Helena sent a call out to all other VBAC mums to send positive birthing vibes my way. The vibes must have helped because I had a smooth, quick, pain free, (unplanned) Hypno-home-waterbirth. Our little girl was born 6 hours before the scheduled induction.

I credit the birth being so smooth and my ability to remain calm the entire time to HypnoBirthing. I highly recommend. "

Anika – mum of homebirthed Olivia – VBAC (January 2013)

Read Olivia's VBACbirth story

"Dear Helena, I find it hard to put into words what hypnobirthing did for me. I came from being a person who was so fearful I never thought I would have children to the point of anxiety attacks; then I became a confident and strong mother thank to you and my doula N. I will never be able to thank you both enough. "

Kylie – mum of little beautiful girl M. (December 2012)

"Helena is a beautiful woman who helps to inform and empower you so you can approach your birth confidently. The Dreambirth course allowed my husband and I a beautiful space to learn, ask questions and get excited about the arrival of our baby without the fear that is so often encouraged in everyday society. My husband felt calm in the knowledge that our decisions were informed and allowed him to confidently support me during the birth. I delivered our baby without drugs, calmly and confidently despite so much of our birth plan having to be changed at the last minute – I know this would have been an entirely different scenario had we not had Hypnobirthing and Helena for support. "

Tammy – mum of Harry (November 2012)

"The course helped on so many levels! I felt connected to my baby and did the meditation daily. I felt a stronger connection to my husband and confident in him for his role in the birth. The knowledge you were able to pass onto us about the CMP, hospitals, and home birth options was invaluable! We also really enjoyed seeing positive birthing stories on the videos you showed us, rather than the scary, sometimes negative stuff you see on TV or at the hospital birth prep courses. I went from being scared about giving birth, to empowered and excited. I found confidence in my body and my baby ;

Jenine – mum of Ruby (November 2012)

"Helena, you were such a big influence on how I felt about the birth during my pregnancy. Just being around you is so relaxing, you have such a calm presence. You really helped me to develop the belief that birth could be a natural, beautiful experience and I know that I would not have had the confidence to birth at home without your classes. The birth of my daughter was everything I hoped for, thank you!"

Karen - mum of homebirthed Sophie (January 2012)

Read Sophie's Dreambirth

"Thank u so much. Helena. Brett was amazing and so was little Kai, not to mention my amazing midwifes...picture perfect birth, so amazed and happy to be experiencing this, labour was nowhere near as painful as what i thought...the only tool I used was hypnobirthing and the water. I am eternally grateful to you for teaching me hypnobirthing... so much love here right now...xoxo"

Sandy – mum of homebirthed Kai (February 2012)

"It was like a dream giving such a natural birth to my son. I still can’t believe how fast and in the first stages how painless it all happened. It was the most natural way to give birth to my baby that I could have dreamed of. No drugs, no interruptions by any monitors or anyone. Thank you & Hypnobirthing!"

Vera – mum of Dominik (May 2011)

See Dreambirth story of Dominik Antonio

"Before I took my first Hypnobirthing class I was terrified of birth. I was fearful of what would go wrong and how painful it would be. It was all I could think about for the first 6 months of my pregnancy. A friend suggested Hypnobirthing, I began to read more about it and it made sense to me. I always believe that birth needn't be painful or frightening, I just didn't know how to achieve it. I booked on a private course, just me and my partner and from the very first session I began to relax, enjoy my pregnancy and to even look forward to the birth. For me, I felt that even if things didn't go to plan, the course had been worth it just to help me enjoy being pregnant. One of the most valuable things for me and my partner was to discuss everything that we wanted from the birth. My partner got great strength and confidence from talking through his role with someone who knew about birth and also about the birth "system" within our local hospital. we discussed everything and by the time birth approached I knew I could trust my partner to support me and to speak for me. I played the rainbow relaxation every night for three months and it was wonderful, never failed to send me to sleep! A big bonus for a mum-to-be. 
On the big day I awoke to my waters breaking, I got up, showered and woke my partner. He began to read me my rainbow relaxation and this really helped to relax me. After a couple of hours I felt the need to move, I found a kneeling position that was comforting for my surges. After around three hours my parter called the midwife and we went to the birth suite, when they examined me I was fully dilated. The midwife told me I could push if I wanted. I got back into my kneeling position and my partner wispered into my ear "breath the baby down". Something clicked, I relaxed, I didn't feel any more surges, my baby came in a few short breaths. She came exactly as I envisaged in my classes. Afterwards the midwife was amazed. She said "you should have lots of babies, you are obviously designed for this" I replied, "I think the Hypnobirthing helped" and she looked at me puzzled.
I now have my second hypnobirth baby, born using the same methods. She too came in the timescale I envisaged and even the weight I wanted! I recommend a Hypnobirthing course to all mothers and fathers to be. It is an interesting and informative course, a perfect combination of the physical and emotional aspects of birth."

Emma - mum of Eva & Anna (May 2010)

"…. Thank you so much for all your help + support with our natural birth. We truly believe in Hypnobirthing and will recommend you to our friends. Hope to catch up with you and your family in the future…"

Christine & Simon & Bailey (January 2010)




Baby massage classes

What did you like about the classes?

Thank u for the lovely baby massage classes. They have been a rel joy and taught me some lovely ways to connect with my daughter.

Virginia – mum of Molly (July 2012)

The massage course has given me another activity to do with my baby which is a beautiful experience for the baby and me.

Kim – mum of Jasmin (March 2012)

I feel that learning how to do baby massage properly will enable me to connect with my daughter and show her my love and help my daughter grow into a confident little girl.

Giselle – mum of Grace (November 2011)

I am very pleased I did the course. I feel I can add more to Noah’s growth and development. Cake, food and tea is a great added bonus – yummy

Carla – mum of Noah (October 2011)


Great balance of learning time & time to feed, chat to other mums & practise the massage. No rushing or pressure, works really well. Great classes; really well taught. Thank you so much for helping Lauren and I get to know one another through massage!

Meg – mum of Lauren (October 2011)

A lovely way to bond with your baby which uses all of their senses.

Kylie – mum of Taylor (October 2011)

Looking back – would love to have done earlier with Elsie though will use when have another baby. The file is great as allows you to reflect back.

Carine – mum of Elsie (7 months) – October 2011

"All I would like to say is that we had a great time coming to massage classes! And I am missing the get togethers! Unfortunately for Kaiden the massage class was around his sleep time so we never got to do the massage strokes during the class. But that is ok as we do them at home. He is enjoying it almost every morning and we can do a full massage almost all the time. Thanks for a great 5 weeks, Helena."

Ymkje – mum of Kaiden (June 2011)





"...Interaction with other mums & babies. The classes were very relaxed, the venue very comfortable, able to feed, close to home. Love the snacs & cakes :-)"

Joanne - mum of Chloe (April 2011)




"...Relaxed atmosphere, informative and personal, and the home made cake! :-) Observing all the other babies, they responded more positively to the massage each week. I also learned how massage helps the bonding process between parent and child. The venue was peaceful and relaxing. I will most definitely be using the techniques that I have learned when my baby makes his appearance. I have learned a lot from the course, thank you xx."

Diana - mum-to-be of little Jack (April 2011)

"Connecting with my baby, learning different strokes, chatting to other mums. I loved the venue, especially when warm enough to be outside. I loved every Monday morning - sad that classes have come to an end. Thank you so much."

Lianda - mum of Piper (April 2011)


"Very relaxed tranquil social atmosphere, connecting and learning = Stella. I learned lot about her body language, responses when she likes/dislikes something. I loved the classes."

Nikki - mum fo Stella (April 2011)



"Everything! Thank you so much!"

Rachel, mum of Freda (March 2011)





"Learning the correct massage technique and meeting other mums in a nice and peaceful atmosphere. Samara likes it and it helps her with her wind. The cake and tea each week were great."

Hana, mum of Samara (March 2011)




"Learning massage; talking with mums; nice and relaxed atmosphere; loved to be outside. Thank you so much for the course, I loved it and it was really useful; my older daughter loves to be massage too, nice to meet other mums & bubs and se them grow over the weeks."

Madeleine, mum of Laura & Victor (March 2011)


meg-jasperLearning the benefits of massage, massage strokes, interaction with other mums, gentle parenting, reading cues. Thank you - really enjoyed it & would recommend it to all mums. Was relaxing & taught me to slow down & be present in the moment. You're an excellent teacher. Thank you.

Meg, mum of Jasper (November 2010)



Relaxed atmosphere, small class size, repetition of massage strokes learned each week. It was very good that we could still catch up with was learnt even though we missed a class.

Natalie, mum of Audrey (November 2010)



Helena's very calm attitude and welcoming approach; spending one on one time with my baby; meeting other mums; learning relaxing massage techniques for my baby. Thank you.

Laura - mum of Zackery (November 2010)





Joddie, Abbey"The class had a lovely relaxed and very honest atmosphere. Helena, you have such a lovely gentle nature. Your genuine love for children and the bond with their mothers makes it a very positive experience. A very happy and safe atmosphere for mums to talk about their journey also an added bonus."

Jodie - mum of Abbey (November 2010)




"...meeting new mums, connecting with my baby, taking some time for just me and the baby which can be hard to do when you also have a toddler"…

I was little hesitant to try massage when my baby was only a few weeks old but it turned out to be perfect timing. My baby is now 3 months old and loves to be massaged. Thank you for inviting me to join your course."

Emma, mum of Anna (July 2010)

"…learning how to massage and bond with my baby in a very pleasant environment..I have very much enjoyed the course! Thank you and good luck with Dreambirth!"

Olga, mum of Alex (July 2010)




“Helena explained why we do the strokes & how they help the baby & was so patient. Thank you! I have really enjoyed the class & Chase absolutely loves being massaged. I think everyone should learn to massage their babies”

Jenny, mum of Chase (June 2010)









“Info about attachment parenting, info about the oils, relaxed accommodating atmosphere. Helena was very flexible and welcomed my 3year old daughter”

Charlotte, mum of Jay (June 2010)









"The classes were very informative, relaxing and offered information I can use for many years. The whole experience has been amazing and I will recommend Dreambirth to my girlfriends so they can also appreciate the benefits as I have."

Melanie, mum of Jayden (May 2010)









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