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"The landscape of birth is not linear, but twists and turns like the path of a labyrinth awakening great determination, doubt, faith and love. " -Pam England-

Birth art

Private Birth art sessions using Birthing from within™ processes, provide
an opportunity for you to:

explore your ideas to prepare for your upcoming birth

connect with your intuitive side and receive inner wisdom

explore assumptions and expectations about birth

address anxieties or fears about birthing or parenting

process your experience from a past birth


Private Birth art sessions are offered as 1,5-hour classes. Cost: $100/session

The Birth art sessions are often met with curiosity and uncertainty, some people find the idea exciting and others find it terrifying.- many of us have not experienced art since childhood and may even feel they can't "do" art.

Birth is transformational in many ways, full of risks and opportunities to connect with yourself and trust. It's one thing to talk about cervical dilation, yet another to make art about Opening for Birthing, feeling that opening in your entire being, and connecting with it.

Making birth art is not about the art, not about the product, but about the process. Making birth art is process-focused, and not outcome focused and you may find yourself surprised at how revealing the experience might be for you personally as you prepare for birth.

We could say that making birth art is a lot like giving birth - it can be messy, it can be joyful, it can push you to the edge of your comfort level and it can be very transformative. Making birth art connects us to the same parts of our brain (right) that takes over when we enter laborland.



"I found art therapy helpful in analysing and reflecting on some of the complex emotions surrounding the birth of our previous child. Sometimes, it's just easier to express yourself in ways other than words."

Father of Dreambirth baby

As art therapy was something I'd already started to look into, I was more than happy when Helena shared with me her interest in using it to compliment her already considerable skills. Whilst preparing for the birth of my second child (after my first baby had suffered a life threatening and traumatic birth), we did a session together to help ensure my heart and mind were more free. Helena creates a warm, gentle and respectful environmental, that allows you to explore feelings both positive and negative you may or may not have realised you were holding onto. I found the drawing relaxing and helped me to focus on the life within me. I was surprised to discover just how much my late father was a part of the pregnancy and impending birth, which I found very uplifting. I found it really beneficial and would recommend it to any couple, whether you are expecting for the first or fourth time; if you had a traumatic journey before you current pregnancy, or if you simply wish to feel more in tune with your inner self.

Sarah, mother of two

In Birthing From Within, Pam England writes:
The learning necessary for you to participate completely in your birth must come from you.
Birth art doesn't have to be pretty, colorful or carefully planned. It is as raw, honest and spontaneous as birth itself.
Your art, like your labor, doesn't have to be perfect. Just give it your best effort. Birth Art sessions are a unique way to access your own Wise Way to prepare for birth and parenting.


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