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“Feeding babies with touches, giving food to their skins and their backs, is just as important as filling their stomachs” - Frederick Leboyer -

Dreambaby Massage Classes

The First Touch Program™ is a "Gold Standard" Course for parents, being the only infant massage course offered in Australia that

is recognised by health and child development experts as the highest quality program of its kind (Underdown & Barlow, 2011).

is delivered by Instructors who have completed the most comprehensive, and only nationally accredited, instructor training in Australia.

ensures you & your baby are treated with the utmost respect with very small group numbers and using "best practices" in course structure (Bakermans, et al, 2003).

has been shown in research to reduce crying, help improve settling and soothing, and to gently support your baby's development and well-being (Underdown, et al., 2006)

has been shown in research to help protect and promote your baby's mental health, if you are recovering from Postnatal Depression (Onozawa, et al. 2001).

uses techniques and approaches that have been fully researched and properly trialled.

Sharing a massage is a beautiful way to connect with your baby, and enjoy the nurturing experience, as well as the physical and emotional benefits. Baby massage brings you and your baby together for quiet bonding time and will help you communicate and build a stronger bond with your baby .

Through my extensive training with the world’s leading infant massage organisation – The International Association of Infant Massage (www.iaim.org.au) and first hand experience as a mum who knows the benefits of baby massage, I aim to share my knowledge and training of baby massage with you in my Dreambaby massage classes.

The baby massage classes run once a week for 5 weeks, the duration of the classes is 60-90 minutes, depending on the baby. The classes provide a high level of interaction; personal support is provided to you and your baby.

The massage strokes are demonstrated on an infant massage doll while you perform the strokes on your baby.  If your little one is asleep or doesn’t want to massage one week then don’t worry, you can either use one of my demonstration dolls available or simply sit back, relax and observe the class as there will be plenty of time to practice when your baby is ready. Strokes are taught a little at a time, and reviewed in each class to ensure you are confident with every aspect.  At the same time you can share challenges and joys of parenthood with other course participants and enjoy some home made cakes and tea in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Classes are most suitable for babies from one month of age to crawling.  The sooner you start the better. Mothers, fathers, grandparents and caregivers are most welcome. 

During the five sessions:

You will learn

series of strokes which come from the Indian and Swedish tradition, yoga and reflexology

gentle yoga-inspired movements techniques

strokes for relieving gas and colic pain

touch relaxation techniques

asking permission to massage

babies reflexes related to massage

what you need to do when your baby starts to cry

understand your baby’s communication by their cues

and much more

By the end of the course, you will have a full understanding of why nurturing touch is so important for your baby, you will be able to pick up your baby’s cues, you will understand your baby’s body language and movements, which tells you if your baby is willing to be massaged.

And you will meet other parents and have lots of fun.

Video: IAIM Principles & Practices (Short Intro)

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